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  1. I guess no one worked on this bug because the product will end of life on August 4th, 2021. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the info. We didn't know Malwarebytes Endpoint Security will be end of life soon. How come we never receive any email notice? Thanks.
  3. We are using Malwarebytes Endpoint Security which involved a dedicated on premise server. Thanks.
  4. shadowwar, But isn't this more of a different product than an upgrade? One is cloud-based, and one is on premise based? We would like to see an update to the on premise. Thanks.
  5. shadowwar, There is a newer version under the Malwarebytes Endpoint Security? Thanks.
  6. That was an odd issue. Case closed for now. Thanks for all the help guys 😀
  7. After I restored the files, it's not picking up again. Databases is already up to date.
  8. Yes, very weird because it only happened once to only this one client. Thanks.
  9. cli, I have included that in the initial post. Thanks.
  10. cli, Where is this mbamservicelogs that you needed? Thanks.
  11. Dear cli, Here are the files that was quarantined. Thanks. Quarantined.zip
  12. Dear Malwarebytes, One of our client today suddenly unable to use anything Office 2016. I take a look and it seems like it is a false positives. Please help me take a look into it to make sure that it is a false positives and nothing malicious. Thanks. Quarantine.zip logs.zip
  13. Thank you. That was quick. How did they knew about the issue and resolved it so quickly?
  14. Did Malwarebytes fixed the issue yet? What I did was I put an exclusion inside the policy. Let me know so I can remove the exclusion once fixed on Malwarebytes' side. Thanks.
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