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  1. I have done that exile360. They kept telling me they verified the bugs and are fixing it. Now it is more than a year and still no updates and fixes. Thanks.
  2. You are correct scoutt. They said they will fix this bug more than a year ago but still no fix yet. Looks like they are focusing on the Cloud side like you said. It is getting very ridiculous.
  3. Can you please let me know when the business side is updated? Thanks.
  4. Dear Malwarebytes, Since last night we started receiving about a dozen blocked web site alert to Can you guys please verify to see if this is something malicious or a false positive? Thanks.
  5. Hello Malwarebytes, It's been 1 year and no status update yet for the reported and confirmed bugs. Thanks.
  6. Dear Malwarebytes, The workaround exclusions below will fix the issue: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple Thanks for all of the help. Waiting for the official fix to come out 😀
  7. Hi, We can try again, but we believed we have tried these in the past but not working. How about the Windows 10 Store version? What to exclude? Both the Windows 10 Store and Standalone versions are affected as well. Thanks.
  8. Dear Malwarebytes, What is the current status? What is the ETA of this fix? Thanks.
  9. Dear Malwarebytes, We would like to report a bug with Anti-Ransomware that is preventing iTunes (latest version as of this post) from doing a Back Up Now and Restore Backup. Both buttons are greyed out. Please see attached screenshot. Disabling Anti-Ransomware and iTunes will work again. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks.
  10. We just got an official email statement directly from Malwarebytes: "On December 11, 2019 it was identified that an internal update to our license management system resulted in Malwarebytes Management Console incorrectly indicating that licenses were expired for some customers." Thanks.
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