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  1. Hello Is MBAE (Business) supported in a Citrix environment (WIndows Server 2008R2) and if yes, how would the licensing work in that case?
  2. Chrome doesn't crash anymore with the new version of MBAE installed, thank you for the help!
  3. Hm, that's unfortunate. I guess I have to play around with the Business Edition to see if we could script it as a workaround, otherwise we can't rollout MBAE for our business notebooks :-/ Thank you for the info
  4. Hello My Google Chrome (Version 43.0.2357.134 m (64-bit)) crashes in 8 of 10 cases a few seconds after startup if MBAE is running, the same happens if Google Hangouts runs after Windows startup. If I disable MBAE everything works as expected. It doesn't matter what website I have as my homepage or if I open a link directly from an app, Chrome just crashes after a few seconds Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  5. Sorry, haven't found an edit option to my previous post. There is no "local install" of the app, it just gets executed by the browser every time you try to connect to the network
  6. I can't do that because the App gets downloaded again via the Browser every time you log-in for security reasons.
  7. Hello We use a Barracuda SSLVPN Appliance at work which executes a java client via the webbrowser every time you login to create a tunnel to our network. Unfortunately, Anti Exploit is blocking the execution of said program and I need to disable it to be able to connect is there a way to exclude a website so I could keep Anti Exploit running AND connect to my work VPN?
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