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  1. I have downloaded and installed Format Factory from pcfreetime and able to use it. When installing, the popup from Malwarebytes says "malicious website blocked", but i can still use it. I don`t understand " I don't know if your VT submission was for the URL or for the program, as you did not supply the VT link." Mal.txt
  2. When i try to download Format Factory, Malwarebytes pops up in the task bar with a warning. Is there something wrong with Format Factory concerning virus? My Malwarebytes is Premium version I did have a Format Factory version downloaded and when an update became available Malwarebytes popped up too. Could you advise please?
  3. Is signature available to upload?
  4. Thank You, excellent assistance. :cool:
  5. All set now, a little different but i am receiving notification emails regarding replies to my posts. Thank You. Cheers
  6. nitially in thread 7 "Gonzo said" to click on "FOLLOW THIS TOPIC". i set it to instantly, and after that i received your reply and david`s in emails. Also after that, i set all the "edit my profile" as you said, that was not already set. It seems that both do the same. Is that correct?
  7. Looking for an email notification of reply to my post. Waiting! Thanks
  8. Well, there we are, usually forums have that option in profile settings, easy to find. " I selected instantly and follow this topic", let`s see if i receive email notifications.
  9. Further, what is in your images that explains?
  10. I`m off base too. I don`t see where you`ve shown me can i be notified of replies to posts. Most forums have this ability.
  11. Maybe i`m missing something drastically but i can`t see what your`e saying in there What`s there regarding "my posts replies" please?
  12. Can`t find where to activate for reply emails to posts please?
  13. Thank You. So, it seems the best and easiet thing for me to do is to keep it ticked.
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