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  1. I really appreciate all of the help so far. I think that I would like to go on my own from here ;D. My proxy settings have been changed and I seem to have no more issues with audio ads or wierd .exe's taking over my network. I'll try and be safer browsing although I'm not sure how I could be that much safer. Anyways, thanks again and good luck in the future .
  2. The tool froze and stopped working. I waited quite a while but it stayed as is so I closed it. It still generated a Fixlog. Here it is. Fixlog.txt
  3. I just noticed this, but your instructions said save it to the desktop. Do I need to rerun the program from the desktop or does it matter?
  4. Recently, I've had trouble with constant audio ads running in the background, even when I don't have a browser open. I can't be certain but I think this and some other ads that intermediately come up on sites like google and youtube have something to do with a proxy server that I can't get rid of, and/or some .exe programs (internetport3.exe and getcap.exe) that I can't seem to shake either. I've tried Malwarebytes as well as HitmanPro and RougeKiller, all before coming to this site looking for help. I've also read the "I'm Infected-What do I do now?" thread and have followed the steps there. I appreciate the help.
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