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  1. Long story short, I rooted my Android device with Kingroot (APK was obtained from hxxp://d-h.st/dueJ, hopefully this isn't a tampered version, if someone could please double check?), and at the end of the process, there's this super-user management tool called Kinguser that got installed on my device. This Kinguser app got detected by Malwarebytes as Lotoor or something like that (meanwhile SuperSU or other super-user management tool doesn't get detected as anything).Tried replacing this with SuperSU, but SuperSU couldn't replace the binaries.Tried Freezing the app, and it can't be frozen (e
  2. Pretty sure it's just a scam message shown by the website (not a malware on your phone). Just close the browser/page & don't visit that page again.
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