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  1. Following up on this thread, I agree that the culprit seems to be my WLAN adapter. I have no evidence myself that MBAM is the cause of the BSODs - only what Dell told me and the anecdotal evidence that the 9f BSODs ceased after removing MBAM.
  2. Requested log files attached. I'm a sysadmin and can easily provide any info you want/need. Thanks FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  3. On four different Dell laptops, I amintermittently getting a 9f blue screen of death. In each case, the blue screen was reported when the computer was coming out of sleep. I sent the minidumps to Dell for analysis, and their final analysis (after some initial misdiagnosis about the WLAN card), was that malwarebytes was running a scan while the computer was sleeping and locking up the computer. Indeed, on my computer (I'm the sysadmin), the mbam scan was set to run at about 2 am. My computer was one of the computers having the problem. Are there any known issues of mbam causing blue screens of death while trying to run a scan while the computer is asleep? I'm attaching the blue screens of death from three of the machines to this entry. Thanks, Dave minidump1.zip minidump2.zip minidump3.zip
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