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  1. I took your advice in regards to the self-protection settings and regarding the Beta versions. After the installation of version, Windows 10 version 2004 is operating much better. Thanks for your help. Any idea when MWB will become GA? I generally don't install Beta versions but in this case I made an exception.
  2. I uninstalled MalwareBytes using the tool mentioned above (see attached)and reinstalled it using the same tool BUT 'm still experiencing the same slow-down as before. My CPU went to 96% and I finally had to restart several times before I could Quit the program using the taskbar tray application. I'm back to the point where I don't let MWB start with Windows. BTW, I don't have the Beta Updates switch turned on. I'm also attaching a screenshot of my Security settings. mbst-clean-results.txt
  3. I recently updated my instance of Windows 10 from version 1909 to version 2004. After the update, Windows began acting very, very slowly and almost to the point of being unresponsive. Then, I saw a post somewhere that said that MalwareBytes 4.1 was causing a problem with this new version of Windows 10. On the chance that this was also my problem, I quit MalwareBytes from the Taskbar Tray area. Upon doing this, Windows amazingly began operating as it should. I've since disabled the automatic start of MalwareBytes at Windows Start-Up. I've no doubt that you've heard of this conflict of Windows 10 and MalwareBytes 4,1 from other users. The reason I'm writing this is to ask that I be notified when a fix has been published (MalwareBytes is currently disabled).
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