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  1. Hello Maurice, Sorry for the late reply. Also thanks for the help. I ran multiple scans and issue appears resolved. I ran Norton Emergency scan tool and it removed something and all is working fine now. So I no longer need help as all other scan from Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, adwcleaner and spybot all show up clean. So I think this case can be closed. Thanks again for the help. Gren
  2. Grenpara

    False Positive

    Hello Gonzo, Thanks for the fast reply and help. Have a great Christmas and Holiday Season. Gren
  3. Grenpara

    False Positive

    Hello, I have Malwarebytes and it works great. But I recently got your browser extension from Chrome store. Now it is giving me a site warning even thou I know site is safe. Attached is picture of the window warning. Thanks in advance Gren
  4. Hello, Running windows 10 Pro and have some strange things happening. Restarts just sits at restarting window endlessly, Tons of command prompt windows (I assume as they are black like command prompts) popping up and vanishing just after boot and/or logon. Not all programs close when i close them and stay open. I should add that I ran SFC /scannow and Multiple DISM commands and all show no issues. Not sure if infected but help would be great. I have large host file that I need left as it is without being deleted please. Here are the attached files. Thanks in advance Gren Threat scan 1.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hello Porthos, Thanks for fast reply and help. I must be crazy as I thought it said quick scan. All is good now. Thanks again Gren
  6. Hey Guys, How do you manually run a threat scan now in v4.0.4? When I hit scan it only does a quick scan and I am blind as I cant see option to manually run a threat scan like before. Thanks in advance Gren
  7. Hey Guys, I have a problem I cant seem to fix and need some help. I had a problem with a program I was installing so company had me go into Malwarebytes and click option to disable Start Malwarebytes at Windows Startup. I then restarted computer and did what i had to. Then I started Malwarebytes manually and selected the option Start Malwarebytes at Windows Startup and enable it again. After a restart Malwarebytes did not start when windows rebooted. I checked the setting to make sure it was enabled and tried another restart but again Malwarebytes did not start at Windows startup. I checked Task manager and it is not even in the startup section so I cant enable it there. I scanned my pc to make sure I had no malware and it came back clean. So my question is how do I get Malwarebytes 3.7.1 to again start with windows since the option is not working? Thanks in advance Gren
  8. Hello LDTate, Thanks for the fast reply and help with my issue. Attached is the file you requested. System seems to run a bit better which is nice. The mystery icon from taskbar notification area is gone now and has not returned. I know a couple weeks ago when I was trying to find the issue I ran sfc /scannow and it found nothing and then I ran multiple DISM command and they found nothing. Then I found a page on microsoft and it said to run Dism component store fix command and it did find 4 problems thou not sure why other check I ran did not catch it. It fixed 4 issues thou I still have an app not playing nice. seems something on my system keeps resetting default app extensions back to fresh. That normally happens about once a week but I was unable to find a cause or a fix for it. So in about a week or so all my default apps will be reset again. I also had problem with Win 10 and had to revert back to different revision. 1809 gave my system to many problems. For example it kept installing Office 2010 updates on my system every day, the same updates over and over. Microsoft had me revert to different revision and gave me a program to stop Windows 10 from updating what ever updates I want to avoid. That tool has stopped the issue for office 2010 updates. I will let you know over the next day or 2 how the system works. Thanks again for the help. Have a great New Years Gren Fixlog.txt
  9. Hey, Follow-up question if one computer on the network has malware can it infect the others even thou we dont share files? And if I have malware could that be the cause? I only play some games and use photo & Video programs. And My browser is now run in ShadeSandbox to make sure I dont get malware if I somehow click on bad site. I had Sandboxie but Microsoft removed it as a non-compatible program when system went to 1809. Thanks Grenpara
  10. Hey Guys and Gals, i have a Windows 10 Home 64 bit system and it is off the shelf with its own Factory restore partition. I am thinking of doing a fresh Windows 10 install but have some questions. Since the drive has multiple partitions if i use the Windows 10 installer made with Media Creation tool, will it wipe those partitions if I reinstall windows from scratch? Or how Would I do a fresh install so drive "c:" is on the drive as a single partition and not partitioned? Next, Should mobo chipset drivers be put on the system during Windows 10 install and not after Windows is installed? I have heard both yes and no for that question which is why I ask. I know the drivers for mobo go on after Windows is installed but the main chipset driver I am unsure about. My prebuilt PC came with no COA from Microsoft or the builder and the key is stored in the bios. So if I do a fresh install of Windows 10 will it read the key on its own during a reinstall? Or after Windows is reinstalled and I log into email I know key is linked to my account? I have only had new system for about 4 months and have had to do many Factory resets as Windows is broken on PC. I can not turn on the system restore feature and if I try it will never work and no backup software will work either. I tried dozens of programs and all fail to make any backups. The PC Builder just tells me to do factory rests and it never fixes that issue. Also the PC builder said if I tried a fresh install it would void system warranty but I really would like to have Windows system restore working. Last question. I got an SSD 1tb that had Windows 7 on it and the person who ghave it to me says it has a root virus on it. I have not plugged into my system but was thinking of changing my "c:" drive as the one I was given is much larger than current one. So if I decided to swap drives and put virus infected drive in the system and then did fresh window install would it wipe out the virus and all data on the drive? Or should I just toss the drive and buy another? Since I dont have another system I did not want to infect my pc or ones that are on the network. Thanks in advance GrenPara
  11. Hello Guys and Gals, I think I have some malware that is making my computer act strange. First here are the files post says to post here. So whats happening is a mystery icon in notification area that I cant see or click and when i open task manager it vanishes. Then when I close Task Manager the hidden icon shows back up. I see no icon just an extra space in the notification area. Also seems like Windows Explorer keeps resetting. What I mean is all desktop icons and all taskbar icon vanish and then after a minute or so they all reappear. It is happening often which is driving me mad. Before I decided to post today I ran multiple scans using multiple programs and all show clear except adwcleaner which shows a conduit but I know that it is safe. Even Eset Online virus scan shows clean on full system scan. I ran Spybot SD and it found no malware. I have a massive Host file where thousands of sites are blocked but thats the way I like it. So if anyone can take a look and see if they see anything that could be the cause that would be great. I also have a non-malware question which I will post in another thread. Thanks in Advance Grenpara Threat Scan 1.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. Hey Ron, I had typed a massive message for you and somehow it did not take so I retype some of it. The issue of VSS may not be broken, it seems backup tools can forbid/lock vss so Windows Restore features do not work. My system seems to have 2 backup tools One I did install and one that was here. Also if you look at this link It explains about VSS issues and that link you supplied me yesterday also gave me some info. I spent till 6am on system reading many websites because of the link you gave me. And I ran a CMD elevated prompt to get some info which is below: For the link I posted about it seems that multiple VSS writers can cause the same issue. And that quote above is a list of current vss writers on the system. Then on several sites it also seems Several Windows 10 builds have same problem often. I checked and I have one of the bad builds 17134, and several other builds have same problem. So Thou I thought malware had somehow did this it could very well be one of many reasons. That does not explain the cd/dvd drive opening and closing but multiple scans find no malware or virus. I think one of Windows update I got recently screwed up or caused issue with Kaspersky. As I said Kaspersky was blocking even its own site. Now with Bitdefender which I don't know jack about I can access all normal sites again and my web is not cut off. If computer starts acting strange again I will post back here, but so far so good. Thanks again for the help. I will await any other vss info if you find some but right now not to worried. Fred
  13. Hey Ron, First I really want to thank you for your help with this matter and from past matters with old pc's. You and others go far beyond great support and help and what you do is what makes you the most trusted Companies I have ever used. When I bought MBAM years ago I never thought about support but only the product. Now I don't know what I or others would do without you, so Thank You truly. I will get treesize and run it to get a clear picture of files and data. I got Bitdefender Total Security installed and it already scanned my "c:" drive and shows as clean. DO I need to add any exceptions for It or for Malwarebytes into exception lists? Thanks in advance Fred
  14. Hello Ron, Ok I will download and install bit defender. As for space I have nothing on "c:"or very little. During initial setup of computer I made d: drive the data drive for everything. So even text files docs, downloads, all go on d: and f: is my gaming drive. As for VSS, I could always get a backup program just in case to make backups. Or if we are lucky fix vss. Right now after all the steps you gave me and that FRST fix my "c:" drive is up to 37.9gb free out of 118gb drive Thanks in advance Fred
  15. Hey Ron, Right now with Kaspersky off the system everything is running fine. Firefox is off the system and I am in edge: Drives are running normal and I have access to sites the Kaspersky was blocking. Even today Microsoft forced some updates on me and it took them fine. Dvd/bluray drive has not been opening or closing by itself today (knock on wood). Microsoft site, Kaspersky and others I can access fine again as well as the web. I contacted ASUS as computer is only a few weeks old and they suggest a full factory reset. If I go that route I have to uninstall my software as I need the licenses free to reinstall the software. I would also have to disconnect 1 hdd installed on the system and switch back the bluray to factory dvd drive so restore sees same hardware for windows. But right now as I type the only thing that seems broken or goofy now is the restore point problem. What would you suggest? Thanks in advance Fred
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