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  1. Hey Guys and Gals, I went to a site I have heard about to get a trial on software. But Malwarebytes browser guard gives block warning. I am pretty sure the site is safe but wanted to check first before I add exception. Or if Malwarebytes can check and add it to safe list. Site is https://www.libertystreet.com/homemanage_downloads.htm and I clicked the trial download button and then was blocked by browser guard. Thanks in advance Gren
  2. Hello, Thanks for fast reply and help. Have a good one and stay safe. Fred
  3. Hello, I would do that but they are temp folders so I dont exclude them. Plus it never detected file in VS folders and only the temp folders. Thanks Fred
  4. Hello, I had updated my visual studio about a week ago. Malwarebytes ran its own scan today and is reporting the following. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 8/17/20 Scan Time: 4:50 PM Log File: 99347db4-e0d3-11ea-9e4b-f0038cd25fe4.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.1003 Update Package Version: 1.0.28633 License: Premium -System Information- OS: Windows 10 (Build 19041.450) CPU: x64 File System: NTFS User: System -Scan Summary- Scan Type: Threat Scan Scan Initia
  5. Hey, I had system checked not to long ago and I monitor it quite well now. I read online that others have same or similar issue with the game "Fallout 76". I have modified GPU settings for it with little change. As for system I have run multiple benchmark tools like 3dMark and all pass great. I keep asking Bethesda for their server ip so I can ping them but the will not give server info. So i pinged and traceroute their main website and I see a lot of time outs and high numbers. In Canada get good numbers but within 1 or 2 hops into USA numbers crash or time out.
  6. Hello Exile360, Problem is I cant find the program if any causing the issue. The game even when i do a selective startup using msconfig gets massive lag. Yet when i change the game set to high priority the game runs fine in normal and selective startup. It bugs me as all my other games and I have lots of online games run fine! it is only the one game causing me issues. I tried port forwarding but then it screws up my housemates games. We all have gaming rigs, thou they dont play same game causing me issues. But if we all play wow, eq2, Aion, Elder Scrolls and ot
  7. Hello Exile360, Thanks for the fast reply to my post, I really appreciate it. I asked as I need to always have a game start set to high priority when it is run. Alt Tab does not work as it screws up when I go back into game. I was told Process Hacker 2 would do the job but wont install until i know its safe. Thanks again for the help. Gren
  8. Hello Guys and Gals, Is "PRocess Hacker 2" safe? I found old thread https://blog.malwarebytes.com/101/how-tos/2018/11/advanced-tools-process-hacker/ So I assume PRocess Hacker 2 which is made by same person should be safe? Thanks in advance Gren
  9. Hello Maurice, Sorry for the late reply. Also thanks for the help. I ran multiple scans and issue appears resolved. I ran Norton Emergency scan tool and it removed something and all is working fine now. So I no longer need help as all other scan from Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, adwcleaner and spybot all show up clean. So I think this case can be closed. Thanks again for the help. Gren
  10. Hello Gonzo, Thanks for the fast reply and help. Have a great Christmas and Holiday Season. Gren
  11. Grenpara

    False Positive

    Hello, I have Malwarebytes and it works great. But I recently got your browser extension from Chrome store. Now it is giving me a site warning even thou I know site is safe. Attached is picture of the window warning. Thanks in advance Gren
  12. Hello, Running windows 10 Pro and have some strange things happening. Restarts just sits at restarting window endlessly, Tons of command prompt windows (I assume as they are black like command prompts) popping up and vanishing just after boot and/or logon. Not all programs close when i close them and stay open. I should add that I ran SFC /scannow and Multiple DISM commands and all show no issues. Not sure if infected but help would be great. I have large host file that I need left as it is without being deleted please. Here are the attached files. Thanks in a
  13. Hello Porthos, Thanks for fast reply and help. I must be crazy as I thought it said quick scan. All is good now. Thanks again Gren
  14. Hey Guys, How do you manually run a threat scan now in v4.0.4? When I hit scan it only does a quick scan and I am blind as I cant see option to manually run a threat scan like before. Thanks in advance Gren
  15. Hey Guys, I have a problem I cant seem to fix and need some help. I had a problem with a program I was installing so company had me go into Malwarebytes and click option to disable Start Malwarebytes at Windows Startup. I then restarted computer and did what i had to. Then I started Malwarebytes manually and selected the option Start Malwarebytes at Windows Startup and enable it again. After a restart Malwarebytes did not start when windows rebooted. I checked the setting to make sure it was enabled and tried another restart but again Malwarebytes did not
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