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  1. Earlier post said trojan on adsupfota.apk on another Chinese phone which was a false +ve. Doogee X5 Max Pro latest firmware from Doogee website and I extract this apk and run it through virustotal and it is being flagged by multiple AV engines with all sorts of things. So is it a false +ve for all those AV engines too then?
  2. HOW? How do I can system apps on rooted phone? Would like an answer ASAP please. Thank you.
  3. Malware bytes not picking up whatever the piece of crap that is displaying Ads at either bottom of screen of nearly full screen. Ads last for only a second but are really annoying.
  4. Ditto, Come on MWB, Please fix and rollout update ASAP. Thanks.
  5. Oh and I also downloaded the superfish remover and removed superfish.
  6. Hi, Just to let the Malware bytes people that I tried your software to remove Bing.vc but it wouldn't go. Chrome was fixed after a chrome reset, but I couldn't get IE reset or Firefox reset. Even an uninstall/wipe of user data/re-install of Firefox brought Bing.vc back after the second time Firefox was opened. I have no idea how Bing.vc got onto the laptop as the only thing I installed out of the ordinary was this: http://dgtsoft.net/drivers_Lenovo_ThinkPad-G50_USB_Windows-7-64-bit.html Avira Free Teamviewer 10
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