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  1. In the Report Scan summary screen I would like to see the "Scan Type" added to this page instead of having to click on the Advanced tab to view the scan type...........save me a click when viewing my customer's scan results more quickly. Thanks.
  2. Very mixed esults on my Dell XPS desktop i7-6700 with 16 gb ram. Windows 10 x64 fully updated. Running KIS with MBAM and MBAE. Installed the new over the current production version. At first all updated browsers (Edge, IE11, FF, and Chrome) opened successfully. However after closing each and attempting to reload them it failed. My PC locked up and I had to force a shutdown. PC was rebooted again and browsers seemed OK, but then the PC locked up a second time. I could not open any browser, task manager, or any program icon on the desktop. I attempted to shut off MBAE but it still showed running. Rebooted again and immediately shut MBA# protection off. Deactivated the Chrome shield. Loaded and closed each of the other browsers successfully. So it's a mixed bag so far!
  3. Well, it was working yesterday for all browsers but this morning none of my browsers will open again. Latest Kaspersky updates have already been downloaded and installed. If I exit from Kaspersky Internet Security all browsers will open normally.
  4. Ran the Kaspersky update this morning and reactivated the shields for all browsers. Browsers are now opening again. Thanks.
  5. I am running Kaspersky Internet Security, Version This is not the first time for issues with Kasperksy and Malwarebytes. Can't you work together with them to resolve this now and going forward?
  6. MBAE Version : Recently MBAE displayed an error message about running long after boot up on my Win10 Home desktop. Today none of my browsers (IE11, Edge, Firefox, or Chrome - all latest versions) would not open unless MBAE program was shut down or the browser shield deactivated for each browser. I uninstalled MBAM and MBAE from Control Panel and ran both MBAM and MBAE cleaner programs from your web pages. After a reboot I deleted both file directories using file explorer before both programs were reinstalled with latest versions downloaded from your webpage. The same issue was again seen in MBAE. Files are attached. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Pedro, I just installed the new MBAE 1.08 Beta version you sent me the link for. There was no problem opening up my three browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) with all browser shields activated. I'll keep using it and let you know if I notice any other issues. Thank you!!!! Have a good weekend. Ken
  8. FYI, Kapersky sent me back an email this week after my complaining saying that two virus programs shouldn't be used together, which I'm aware of. They also suggested uninstalling KIS2016 and Malwarebytes programs and reinstalling KIS 2016 first, which I did, followed by reinstalling MBAM's latest release. I have not reinstalled MBAE yet. When all three were previously installed I disabled the browser shields in order to run all three softwares, which worked. However I was having problems with Yahoo online web mail where some buttons were not working as expected, their web mail was responding extremely slow, and the normal sign out button was not accessible from the mail mail view page. With only KIS 2016 and MBAM 2.18.1057 reinstalled I've noticed that I have not had those issues any longer with Yahoo mail. So having MBAE reinstalled won't be coming anytime soon unless I hear that the incompatibility issues have been resolved. Life is too short!!
  9. What's the latest update on browsers not opening with KIS 2016 installed? Only after I deactivate the browser shields in MBAE Version 1019 will the browsers open. Kapersky had me disable all the components to track down which may be causing a problem. No changes were seen unless I killed their Anti Virus Service using Task Manager or completely exited the application.
  10. A couple of weeks ago I posted information regarding a conflict between MBAE and Kapersky Internet Security, 2016 version that got updated onto my computer. Once that occurred I was unable to open any of my three browsers (IE, Chrome, or Firefox - all updated to the latest version). Only when MBAE or Kapersky were completely shut down, or I removed the browser shields from MBAE as instructed by pbust am I able to open the browsers. I've worked with Kapersky online chat and followed their instructions to disable every component function one at a time - to no avail as their service is still running in task manager. I'd like to know what your company is doing to resolve this issue as I've heard nothing in almost two weeks and can't find the original post online now to see if there was any followup. Thanks for a response.
  11. If you Deactivate the browser shields in MBAE (click on the Shields tab, then click on the browser name (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) one at a time, followed by clicking the Deactivate button. The lock icon will show an open position once the browser shield is deactivated. I found I had to do a reboot to activate the changes. Once done, all browsers will open with no problem if you have KIS 2016 running. After this conflict with Kapersky is resolved perform the same steps by clicking Activate for each browser to reactivate the MBAE browser shield functionality. Hope this helps!
  12. I have the same problem with browsers not opening with the 2016 version of Kapersky Internet Security on my newly reloaded Windows 7 x64 desktop machine, which I had reported previously. I currently have MBAM Version and MBAE 1.07.1019 installed, (I was sent a link by pbust to download version 19 of MBAE, which has not fixed the issue). I reported that this MBAE version did not fix the issue and have heard nothing back. I also reported this issue to Kapersky and was sent information on how to add exclusions for Trusted applications in Kapersky's settings. I added the two MBAE programs found in the list of running programs and clicked all options listed (Do not scan files before opening, Do not monitor application activity, Do not inherit restrictions from the parent process(application), Do not monitor child activity, Allow interaction with Kapersky Internet Security Interface, and Do not scan all traffic). With all this done, my browsers will still NOT open unless MBAE is shut down. Then everything works as normal. When can we expect this to be resolved???
  13. I'm having the same issue with Version 1015 after reloading Windows 7 x64 and installing all past and current security updates. If MBAE is running none of my browsers (IE11, Firefox 40, or Chrome 44) will even open when I click on the icon on the task bar. Once I stop MBAE from running all browsers will open and function normally. Really a pain. Hope you have a fix soon! I've attached the Program Data files. mbae-service V1015.zip
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