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  1. re: live link. I expected Malware operatives would want to study the virus. In quarantining the malware my software and funcionality was destroyed. Since the original post i have discovered that My recovery points have been ruined, too. That isn't what Malewarbytes should be about. How else would I get this info to them? If there is a virus input section, please send the link along. Second I don't want anyone else to stumble into this viper's nest.
  2. Malwarebytes quarrantined malware and since then Windows no longer updates, Microsoft Secutiy Essentials won't turn on or update. Itunes program will not connect to internet. I am guessing files were corrupted by virus, removed by Mbam and then deleted. is a recovery point a way to reinstall missing/corrupted files, a reinstallation? How do i recover? I am on the net typing this on the machine, so it must be a networking issue, not a hardware problem. Thanks for any help. this was the site that did the damage. I downloaded their virus instead of audacity: http://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/ Dusty
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