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  1. Since we allow custom builds. There might be illegal (patched) RU builds that also use our server. Unfortunately, we cannot distinguish the traffic from patched builds from the traffic from legitimate build. Instead of finding a way to fight patched builds on a users' PCs. MalwareBytes just decided to block our entire Internet ID server. This is ridiculous. Just because there are some bad apples doesnt mean you throw all of them away.
  2. Hello Zynthesist, Thats a false positive. We're a legitimate remote software vendor. https://www.remoteutilities.com/
  3. Hello, Good day. One of our customers has notified us that Malwarebytes Premium is reporting our IP domain as unsafe. We request for the immediate rectification for this as it disrupts our customers day-to-day operations in utilizing our Remote Utilities Software. Official Website: https ://www. remoteutilities .com I'm not sure what you'll need to resolve this but I'l just go ahead and attach samples of our software for your analysis. rut6.7.zip
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