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  1. Does this mean it's clean? any idea what that dll running was? thanks so much- you guys really are great!
  2. Well- it looks like the rundll isn't there anymore. Attached is the fixlog.txt System rebooted after the farbar recovery completed. Fixlog.txt
  3. Hello TwinHeaded Eagle, Thanks for the quick response / reply. Attached are the requested logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. starting yesterday, rundll32.exe has been running in the background and using between 10-25% of CPU I completed malwarebytes scan and nothing came up as a virus so I'm guessing its not from a virus I checked on Process Explorer and the command line for rundll32.exe running is "rundll32.exe msvcrt.dll,_sleep" From what I've read online, it seem that msvcrt.dll is corrupted I don't know how to fix it This is a win 2012 server (new) and has sql & IIS running on it. I had built one of these in a VM for testing and I do not have the same rundll32.exe msvcrt.dll,_sleep running in the VM- I think somehow an accidental click browsing infected something. Please help- I'd love to not have to re-install the OS
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