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  1. Ok. I only found out my post had been moved 5 minutes ago. So can I have a bit of clarity as to what you want? And who am I responding to?
  2. Problem Ron. None of these are for XP.
  3. Ron Thanks for the reply. The plus is that you've confirmed my suspicion that the problem has been with the new version of Malwarebytes all along. But after I tried unsuccessfully to install the 2.18 version, I tried to install the 2.16 version after running the malwarebytes cleaning tool and 2.16 failed as well. I'd like to get the PC back to "normal" so referral to a BSOD expert would be great thanks. I've not made any changes to the PC since running Combofix. Should I go through the Combofix uninstall procedure or am I likely to need any backups created by Combofix? If I could get bac
  4. Hello AdvancedSetup. Thanks for your help. I've run Combofix, but at the end of the scan (Completed Stage_50), I'm not getting a log. A message flashed at the bottom of the Completed stage_** list - too fast to read - and I then got a blue screen with the message Bad_Pool_Header Stop 0x00000019 (x00000020, 0x87E23A48, 0x87E23E60, 0x1A83008F). I repeated the scan and got the same result.
  5. Also, I can't see any sign of DCOM error in Event Viewer. The log goes back to 31/05/15 and the first error coming forward from there is on 28/06/15 - MBAMSERVICE. That coincides with the first failed update attempt. Most errors since then have been associated with further attempts at updating Malwarebytes. So it would seem safe to assume that, as there were 28 days error free prior to the failed Malwarebytes update, Malwarebytes is the cause of the problem. The large number of postings on these forums and elsewhere with similar problems would seem to support that conclusion. As you have m
  6. The NVIDIA Display Driver Service service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s). - NVIDIA DIsplay Driver Service is a utility that I installed then removed some time ago. I assume this is a leftover, so no real problem. The Google Update Service.... Not something I installed - obviously packaged along with something else. I was pretty sure I'd got rid of it, so again, a leftover, so no real problem. The MBAMService service terminated unexpectedly..... Terminated? It never started! DCOM got error "%%1084"...........In the words of Microsoft - "Dcom Got Error 1084 and other
  7. Be specific. Which applications are failing?
  8. Where do I start? Switched on yesterday (Thursday) morning and got "Malwarebytes has encountered a problem and needs to close". That was before the desktop had finished loading. Why was Malwarebytes even attempting to run? Malwarebytes was then removed from the system. Zonealarm reinstalled without any major problems and various system settings returned to as before. Why have you introduced so much Google crap to my system? You referred to my system being low on resources. According to https://support.malwarebytes.org/customer/portal/articles/1834851-what-are-the-system-requirements-to
  9. You miss my point. There was no indication on Task Manager that either the processor or the available memory were being stretched. Malwarebytes didn't even begin to launch. And the link you've provided is for vista. This machine is XP.
  10. True, this is an old machine, but it hasn't been a problem with previous versions of Malwarebytes and it hasn't got to the point of running so hasn't got to the point where I'd expect it to be straining resources - I've yet to get it to launch. No indication on Task Manager either that resources were a problem.
  11. That's a bit radical. I'm not happy having no AV. I've installed Malwarebytes with Avast disabled and it doesn't work. It seems I'm not alone with this problem. Is the problem with Malwarebytes?
  12. Ok. Latest scans attached FRST.txt Addition.txt
  13. Malwarebytes failed. Messages as before - The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000001d) and Malwarebytes has encountered a problem and needs to close. I haven't tried mbam clean or installing Zonealarm yet.
  14. Should I try and Install Malwarebytes now? Can I reinstall Zonealarm? Do I return to normal use?
  15. Well nothing's exploded and there's no steam coming out anywhere. It seems stable though I've only got Firefox with this page open following your instruction in post #2
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