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  1. Same issue with high cpu usage. Idel CPU is at 41C (core temp) but goes as high as 96C (core temp) when MBAM scans. Also issues with web browsing, especially if web page has lots of images. Seriously considering returning to v2.0 stability.
  2. I resolved the issue by unchecking the "Keep HD Active" in BootIt Bear Metal (BIBM). With this checked, it allowed all active drives to retain the Active attribute. Now the Active attribute only applies to the volume booted. As for the hidden volume (MediaCreationOS), its file system does not display either the volume name or the format using the Windows Computer Management applet. However, using Acronis Disk Director 12, it displays the hidden volume's name and format and all its attributes). I only use Acronis Disk Director 12 for creation and management of all volumes. I only use Te
  3. After reading your email, I realize I made an error as to the "240GB OCZ Vertex 3". That is not correct. The "240GB OCZ Vertex 3" is configured as a RAID0 using an Intel 520 Series (120GB SSD) and an OCZ Vertex 3 (120GB SSD). This RAID0 setup is used for video captures only. It does not boot, there is no OS on it. When my system boots, the Terabyte BootIt Bare Metal menu window appears (somewhat similar to the Acronis TrueImage OS menu program). With BootIt, I can add boot volumes to the menu and select which to boot to - Windows, Ubuntu, etc. and BootIt allows you to manage volumes.
  4. Error still appears after running MBAR twice and MAM once. VBR-2-0-63-i.zip system-log (2015_07_07.2353).txt
  5. I ran both MBAR and MAM with the updated databases. Both still indicate the VBR. Thank you. system-log (2015_07_06.2253).txt
  6. Trust the attached is helpful. Thank you again.system-log (2015_07_02.0508).txt
  7. Thanks for your help. I suspected it might have something to do with the TeraByte BootIt Bear Metal; however, that program is on a completely separate volume from the volume that MAM indicates has the VBR. In any event, I have put together a PDF showing the layout of my system with notations as well as the MBAR log you requested. There is probably more information there than you needed, but I having been in the USAF as an Admin Assistant and having worked for corporate attorneys for 35+ years, keep detailed notes. Never know when you might find them useful. Thank you. 2015_06_30.2010 - Re
  8. Scanned system using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v2.1.6.1022, there were no problems. I then installed the new update (v2.1.8.1057) and it gave me a Malware Threat indicating Unknown.Rootkit.VBR, Location: Physical Sector #0 on Volume #2. I removed the threat and rebooted. The system gave me an error indicating there was no operating system. After running several diagnostic programs, it showed that my Windows volume had been wiped completely. It was now only Unallocated Space. Fortunately, I had an image of the volume I made on Sunday, June 28 which I restored using TeraByte's Image for W
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