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  1. Hi I was not able to connect back to the forum either on my own or through links here. I was also unable to do anything you suggested since your instructions do not follow what I received when installing the file you had me download. I had 2 choices -1- I have an open support ticket whereby a number needed to be keyed in and you never provided a number And if I click on "I don't have a support ticket" button what pops up instead is "Start Repair" Obviously we are not repairing anything so that button is not an option either. Hence you either give me a support ticket number, which I assume you can't give me since you are only a volunteer, or we need to find another way. Having said this, I feel what you are asking for is not necessary for I see no relevance to doing this based on my question. Am I wrong here? 😞 It would be nice to know what you hope to find out and accomplish by doing this. I mean to me the answer would be "YES (or NO) The edge file is (not) the culprit. And then we would move on form there. Thank you
  2. Something was blocked. When I looked at What was blocked. It showed the website name (but not www or http etc) and below under file it says: "\Windows\System32\MicrosoftEdgeSH.exe SO this is what I don't understand. Is the culprit the exe file? and if this exe file is the culprit what makes this strange is that Edge was not open. SO I had asked myself if Edge I need to allow it because Windows demands it sometimes (even though another browser is the default Windows still pops that one open if you go to its store and stuff like that) If its just that website that is fine by me (but since Edge wasn't open it makes it confusing)
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