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  1. Dear! You forgot that you pay taxes! Officer does not help you for free
  2. ANY computer can work perfectly for a long time without registry cleaners, they are mostly scareware, useless and harmful. Buying registry cleaners you pay for nothing but for risk of harm your system. If you really need to clean your system from obsolete and private items, use CCleaner (absolutely free and safe to use).
  3. 1) Probably no, applications will be saved, but you will need to reinstall, because some applications may work incorrectly. 2) Updates will be installed as soon as they are released automatically, there is no need to worry about it. Drivers will be updated with OS, I think, although some drivers you will need to install/reinstall manually - depends on different cases. 3) Every new version of MS OS requires more space than previous, including archives, backups etc - it will eat a lot of space, 120~150 GB of free space reserved for system needs on your HDD is must have. 4) You need to disable yo
  4. Hello Personally never got infected by opening archives. And even cannot imagine how it can be possible.
  5. Workless and unhappy.

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