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  1. I agree, I think this is the best way forward. I have had serious issues with my PC and in the end MB was the culprit. This is strike three for me. I will also deactivate my Premium license. Thanks
  2. Hi Imacri, Thanks for your reply. That was not really what I meant. My question was why MalwareBytes queries domains that have been excluded every 2 minutes. I found the 'answer' in MB's FAQ: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2432 Not really a satisfactory answer though. For example, 1337x.to uses Cloudflare. So if I would visit 1337x.to in between of the two minute query interval of MalwareBytes, there is a good chance MalwareBytes would still block the attempt, since I might be connecting to a different Cloudflare IP. Or am I mistaken?
  3. I recently noticed something strange in the logs of my DNS server. My PC was querying 1337x.to and eu-central450.discord.gg every two minutes. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why. Yes I was running Discord, but even with Discord closed, it kept querying eu-central450.discord.gg every 2 minutes... And what about 1337x.to? That doesn't look too good... It got me thinking whether or not I got infected. https://i.imgur.com/wbMVpw8.png Well after two hours of digging with Fiddler, Wireshark, ProcMon, TCPView and Torch (in Winbox), I found the answer. Lo and Behold, it was *Malwar
  4. My payment receipt and cleverbridge license mail do not have any attachments, so sorry I disagree.
  5. Nowadays, mailbox sizes are over 25GB+. Why would you delete an email, let a lone one with licensing details in it? That's just plain stupid. Why does MB offer a free 12 month license to people that actually acknowledge they're using a pirated version? That argument is not covered in your explanation.
  6. Who are you referring to? I gave you my cleverbridge number, my refund has been processed already so...???
  7. False. By your reasoning, my logic would be: Hi I bought a game 1,5 years ago. It cost me 60 euros, now you are giving it away for free. I would like my money back.
  8. How about a PayPal/bank receipt? Microsoft is essentially doing the same; People who pirated Windows 7 or 8, get a free upgrade to Windows 10. The big difference is that their license will still be invalid. Again, I feel the approach MB is taking to this is wrong. I am just one paying customer, but I am sure there are many others out there that feel exactly the same way; betrayed.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate that. Check your PM. I also sent it to LDTate before, so make sure you guys are not both going to process a refund because that would be unfair.
  10. Assumption is the mother of all screwups, as you've now found out by yourself. What advantage? Pirates are also getting free lifetime licenses. Thanks for the clarfication. So basically, all paying customers are the vicitim of your weak license algorithm and the best way to solve that is to betray the paying customers, that made your company as big as it is right now, by handing out licenses to pirates? Way to go. Again, you should have handled this on a case by case basis. If a geniuine paying customer was to mail you that his key stopped working, you could have asked for a payment pro
  11. Why would I give credit to Malwarebytes? Whats the whole idea behind this? Why not handle this on a case by case basis? So many questions, so little answers. I get the feeling this idea was rushed and not fully think through. Okay, so the ones that have a pirated version can come clean for free. Apparantly it pays off being a pirate, good to know, thanks. Yes you are too lazy to check; Else there would have been an option to provide payment proof, which isn't there. I've PMed you my Reference number.
  12. No, those keys indeed won't work anymore. And it's not like they care, because they are now all using a new, valid, lifetime key they got from MB for free. If it looks to good to be true, it mostly is... so it's their own fault. Most pirated copies just come with 1 key in a .txt file, no generators. This is different. Comparing TV shows with software is like comparing apples with oranges.
  13. No, I have 3 valid licenses. Proof: A friend told me about this. Why would anyone buy a MBAM license not trough the official website? Moreover, why does malwarebytes even offer option 1 i.e.' I have downloaded the software', basically acknowledging you've pirated/illegally obtained MBAM but still being rewarded with a 12 month free key? Insane, absolutely insane And why doesn't it ask for payment proof when clicking on option 2? Is MBAM too lazy to check? Are they just fine with it? Also, the key used by pirated copies, is always the same. Why didn't MBAM blacklist this key and only offe
  14. MalwareBytes is currently offering FREE LIFETIME LICENSES to users of pirated copies. Here's how it works: If you're using a pirated copy, i.e. using a pirated key, you will get a popup telling your license is invalid. The popup will offer you two choices: 1) If you don't know where your license came from or if you've simply downloaded the software, you get the option to obtain a license for 12 months for free. 2) If you're sure you've bought the license you're using, you get the option to obtain a LIFETIME LICENSE for free. Simply clicking option 2, even when using a pirated version, will ins
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