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  1. Ok. I tried it with IE but I didn't get a message. But also none of the spam was from @defense47 or @defense45. so Im not sure.
  2. I'm not sure. I haven't tried it in any other browser. should I check on Internet explorer next time I get spam?
  3. No, I didn't even open the e-mail. I just went to the folder that contains the spam. I normally delete spam without reading them. Also it just happend again and i looked at the senders e-mail adress and it ends in @defense47.com.
  4. Outbound. Does that mean my computer is trying to contact someone else?
  5. Hi, me again. I just opened my yahoo email spam to delete it and I got another warning. this time it says defense45.com and the ip to it was I put it into a tracing thing online and it says that the location is in germany. but it says the website is not blacklisted. I scanned with MBAM again and it said no results this is weird. should I be worried about this?
  6. Ok I Downloaded and ran Ccleaner. Hopefully I wont see that warning anymore. Thanks again.
  7. I'm not sure. For some reason it only seems to happen when I delete spam in yahoo e-mail. it's really weird. Do you think it could be a false positive? Or maybe defense47 is some kind of website that yahoo sends information about the spam I delete and it stops them? But I dont think they are supposed to do that... I guess as long as my computer is not infected then I'm glad. Thank you so much for your help TwinHeadedEagle.
  8. Ok I run the scan and exported the resulting logs. Here they are. Scan.txt Protection Log.txt
  9. Ok here are the two files it made. Thank you for responding to my post FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Hello I am wondering if anyone can help me. Recently I have been recieving a pop up from MBAM saying that it is blocking an outboud malicous website. It seems to happen everytime I delete spam from my Yahoo e-mail (weird). I've run scans several times but it says no malware. It says its blocking defense47.com and it is going throuh firefox.exe. Should I be worried? Please help.
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