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  1. I want to thank you, btw, Blender. For your dedication and hard work. I know and understand it must be a taxing job for everyone within the malwarebytes family to take care of customers at all hours. I appreciate your time and patience, and help. Along with all the other tech staff. However, i do hope that my computer is ok. You said that since it restarted ok [albeit with a bit of a delay and black screen for a bit,but successful non the less, minus the failure to system restore] that everything should be okay. Let us hope i suppose. Again thank you for your help, if anything else happens, i hope i can come back here to report it? That is, if it involves malwarebytes.
  2. It went back to the 22nd when it ATTEMPTED to system restore. so a day before the 23rd when i started getting the messages/alerts from Malwarebytes.
  3. my computer was not able to system restore. It went through with it, the computer restarted; but once the screen came back on which took quite some time it said this Am i in the blue? Because my PC was successful in RESTARTING/rebooting during the system restore process, but it didnt finish once my computer came back to my desktop and under my control. Am i ok?
  4. i wont lie i am very scared and nervous. If i lose my PC i have no money to fall back on to get a new one or even a temporary cheap one. I guess i have no option though. Lets see if the system restore works or not.
  5. after i saw the pop-up/warnings appearing i did a manual scan. But i had googled the name of the F/P and came here to the forums; i was able to read in time in an older post from yesterday that it was a F/P so i stopped the scan RIGHT before it had finished. So nothing was done to my knowledge. It was still able to detect it during the manual scan, but i had stopped the scan before it was able to complete because i was reading here on the forums that it was a F/P so it looked like it posed no threat; until i read that if its quarantined then the computer will be unable to boot or start. This is what scares me, because even though i didnt let the scan finished; the pop ups kept telling me it had found the F/P and it shows up 5 times in the quarantine section. I will take a screenshot for your viewing for better understanding. I also included an image of the error
  6. I really really hope so. I am still quite scared of the chances of something going wrong. I did a double take and checked all the logs in the history tab. I did do a manual scan after i noticed the F/P notification earlier yesterday, and it was able to detect it during that scan. But i believe it was before the update. I managed to update right after and it didnt detect anything. This was around 5 or 6 pm Eastern Standard time yesterday. So i should rest assured that my computer is in tact? That the denial of restoring the F/P, despite being in the quarantine section, everything is ok??
  7. These are the two logs. Thanks for explaining it to me in more detail, Blender The recentlog.txt is the one i did AFTER the database update. The mbytesprotectionlog.txt is the one from the 23rd when it had detected and quarantined Trojan.Vawtrak.ED. It quarantined it a total of 5 times, and i cant un-quarantine any of them as ive said. recentlog.txt mbytesprotectionlog.txt
  8. One of the protection scan logs does detect the false positive, but i still do not know how to post the file here . Im sorry =\
  9. I am not sure how to post the log here. =\ I dont see any option to upload it to the text box here that im typing in. Should i just copy and paste it? The most recent scan ive done detects no malware or viruses. And the last scan from the 23rd when the F/P was detected shows nothing either , atleast to my eyes. Sorry for making this difficult, i am not tech savy. My appologies, Blender. =\
  10. I read in other topics that if i do not restore trojan.Vawtrak.ED that my PC will be permanently unable to reboot itself. I have updated and followed the instructions in the other forum topic to shut down MBytes and restart it after the update which i did; but its stating that access is denied from me restoring the file. What am i suppose to do? Its 4:11 AM currently and i have to be awake later, i cant stay awake all night watching over my computer in fear of being unable to restore it once it is off. I usually let my computer go to sleep-mode and re-activate it by jiggling my mouse. Will it be unable to reboot from that aswell if it goes to sleep mode? MBytes has already quarantined Trojan.Vawtrak.ED a few times earlier today and i cant restore it from quarantine. What do i do? I dont have a CD to reinstall my PC if it is destroyed as my friend from Australia [i live in the states] built it and didnt send the disc, and my pc is around 4-5 years old. I also do not have money to get a new PC. I rely heavily on my current computer , i cant afford to lose it because of a false positive. What do i do? Please someone respond ASAP/immediately =\
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