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  1. We just updated our Management console to version Using the client push install is only working on our Windows 10 computers. It will not push the update to our Windows 7 computers. When I look at the admin logs on the Management console and see this error:

     Detection failed. Detection was interrupted due to loss of connectivity.

    The computers are on, if I look at the computers that it failed on I see a folder on the C drive named with today's date and the time I tried to push the update named scclientinstall_(a bunch of letters and numbers)

    Inside that folder is a execution.log and a testresult.txt

    That folder is not on the Windows 10 computers that the console successfully updated.

    So it seems like the management console "sees" the computer but won't push the update.

    Any advice you can give me is appreciated.



  2. We just upgraded our Management console to version When I try to do a Client Push Install by IP it won't find the computer. It comes back with 0 computers found. I have tried these steps:

     Make sure the necessary ports are open (Default in setup is 443, 18457 for client, and 137 for NetBIOS)

    - NetBIOS is enabled on client machines

    - File sharing is enabled on client machines

    - Make sure to be pushing with Domain Admin credentials

    - Make sure .NET Framework 3.5 is installed

    This is a new Windows 10 LTSB installation. Is there something else I need on the client for the Management console to find it?

    Any help is appreciated. 


  3. For at least a week the Management console has not picked up any threats or blocked websites. Usually there are at least 10 or so blocked websites daily. I don't see where I can troubleshoot to make sure everything is still working correctly. I have restarted both the server that our Management console is installed on and the computer that I run the management console on. Still nothing is populating. Is there something I can look at on the server that will tell me if there is an update or something else is wrong?





  4. Hi,


    Thank you for the screenshot and clarification.


    To delete the items from quarantine, you will have to do so from C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Quarantine.  Deleting the files there will remove them from the machine.


    When a file is quarantined it is no longer a threat, so it is OK to leave them there.  However if you still wish to delete them, you can do so from the folder above.


    Please let me know if this helps.

    I just did this and it worked. Thanks for the help. I hope that soon we will be able to manage items in quarantine from the console or that the delete all function will work on all the computers properly. 



  5. On the Management Console, do they show these PUPs in the Security logs at all?  And if so what is the action?


    Also, to attach a screenshot here click on "More reply options."

    Yes on the Management Console the do show int the Security log and by action do you mean operation? If so then the operation is Quarantined. Here is the screen shot of the quarantine on one of the clients. There are no boxes to check to delete all.


  6. I haven't been able to boot the computers since I am not at the locations and am working on them remotely. But I did notice when I look at the items (all PUPs)  in quarantine, there are no check boxes to check to then delete the items. I don't see the ability to attach a screenshot.


    The reason I want to remove the items is so when I look at our Management Console there are no computers with "threat detected". 

  7. We are just starting to install MWB for business to our 300 computers. I have about 100 done and on a few of them I can't seem to delete detected items in the quarantine. I have tried using the "delete all" and also highlighting one at a time and choosing the "delete" but nothing happens. They don't go away nor do I get any kind of message. Is there something that I can do to remove these items? 




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