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  1. Ok i tried uninstalling AODDriver4.1 and AppleCharger through the Device Manager (and restarted my PC while doing so) but they just re-installed themselves the next time I started up my PC. Not sure what to do about that
  2. Hi, I haven't disabled AMD in the BIOS as far as I know, but I'll try it now. I've uninstalled the AppleCharger driver, but when I checked for AODDriver2, the only thing I could find was AODDriver4.1. I wasn't sure if I should still uninstall it so I left it alone. The only input/output devices I use on the system are my keyboard, mouse, monitor and a Devolo device (I'm not sure which, but I use it to pick up the internet connection from downstairs as the signal was too weak without it).
  3. My bad, sorry. I've attached the Sysnative .zip to this post too SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  4. Hello usasma, thanks for the reply and sorry I've been a bit late responding. I ran perfmon /report and attached the .zip file to this post sorry to hear about your eye problems, i hope they improve soon perfmon.zip
  5. Hello, another update: Today I was playing Dark Souls using a PS4 controller and I got another BSOD after already getting one on startup. This one was labelled MEMORY_MANAGEMENT I guess it must be a RAM problem then, I will try running memtest86+ in the meantime
  6. Hello, recently my PC has been getting a BSOD every time it starts up. The technical information that the BSOD gives is: STOP: 0x00000050 (0xFFFFFA801600000, 0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFF800034E92A8, 0x0000000000000002 ) I am using Windows 7. If I restart it normally after the BSOD, everything runs fine. I also cleaned my PC of dust with some compressed air, which may have caused problems with the hardware although I'm not sure. I also recently posted a topic about malware and followed the instructions given there, although I doubt that is the cause of the BSOD: https://forums.mal
  7. The download worked and I ran it with the settings you specified, thanks! i appreciate all the help a lot
  8. I tried both of the delfix links but the first site was down and the second site didn't start the download after i clicked the download button.
  9. it did make a slight difference in the startup time compared to how fast my PC usually starts up, but it is a lot faster than when it takes a long time to start up. i don't really know what causes the slow startups though as they are inconsistent with how often they happen
  10. i just restarted my pc in clean boot mode, it seems to be running okay and everything. like I said though the slow startup doesn't happen all the time, only every now and again and usually after i start up my PC after having it on for a long time. sorry for making 2 posts in a short space of time, i probably should have just waited and made one.
  11. I'll try that now, but usually when I restart my PC it will restart fairly quickly. It's just when I start it up or restart it after having it on for a long period of time that it will take a very long time to boot up. I'll get back to you with another reply after I try a clean boot however
  12. Not really, my only other issue would be that sometimes my PC will take a very long time to start up, around 5-10 minutes after which i have to restart it again or else it will run very slowly. i have tried following some guides on speeding up my PC and looking at my BIOS but it didn't resolve the issue. although this might have been solved by the help you've given me already, i haven't checked yet. another thing is that i have 2 installations of webroot secure anywhere on my PC, because when i start up my PC i will get a notification asking for permission from the program to start up again ev
  13. Hi Kevin, i followed these steps and added the logs in the spoilers above. if i've missed anything please let me know the ESET scan detected nothing, and i deleted the application's data on close like you said. no log was produced. I did also have my real-time protection turned off so it wouldn't interfere with the scan. thanks
  14. hi Kevin, thanks for the reply. I changed the download path and ran the tool as you said. here are the logs that came with the scan: i also attached the addition.txt file to the post in case. thanks again, i appreciate it Addition.txt
  15. Hi, today i woke up and saw that my SONY Playstation account login details had been changed. I managed to get them back to what they were previously and set up 2-Step Authentification on the account, but while i was setting up the 2-step authentification my account was activated on another PS4 once again. I'm worried about this because the only way someone could have gotten my new password is if they had access to my PC, which is where i changed it. I tried scanning with malwarebytes and webroot but nothing came up, and i'm currently running a scan with ESET online scanner. I did d
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