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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I just had the svchost one show up on me twice and got a bit worried until I found this :)
  2. Mmm a separate window opens up, but unfortunately it's executed by a Javaw.exe command line :\ This is what I feared. Looks like I'll just have to slice slower I guess. I don't know much about how Java works though. Is Javaw.exe something that's only used for local applications, or is it common for it to be used by websites? Wondering if it would be safe to just exclude that exe from being scanned, or is it not worth it in terms of security risks?
  3. Hi, Not sure if this is possible or not, but I'm wondering if it's possible to exclude a particular java process from being monitored, without disabling all java protection? To give a little more info, I have a 3d DLP printer, and they just released a new version of their slicing software which allows you to dedicate more threads to the slicing task so it can generate the sliced images faster. Unfortunately, the program runs via a bat file, which runs a java command rather than an exe, so I can't just exclude the program from being scanned/monitored. I ran the slicer yesterda
  4. Just updated database (MBAM 3.2.2 - Update package version 1.0.2967) and restored file. Ran manual threat scan and all came up clean for me (Win 10 Pro 64bit if it matters)
  5. I just had the same thing come up. Some reports from users on the nvidia forums appear to indicate virus total scans come back clean, but I don't really want to unquarantine to zip and submit just in case. Came up as Trojan Crypt for me. Apparently it has something to do with Geforce Experience, as users are reporting it's not working after quarantine (not detecting games or something), but the drivers appear to be fine.
  6. Mine began to do this about an hour ago. I was sitting at my PC and all of a sudden web protection disabled itself. Couldn't re-enable. uninstalled and re-installed, but same result. Scan doesn't work, and after re-install, self protection was disabled (though could be re-enabled)
  7. Same here. Mine seems to be disabling Self Protection after reboot/re-install as well :\
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