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  1. I only have problems with IE11 in combination with EMET and MBEA Question 1 is: Who to trust? Question 2 is: Are the programs realy side-to-side? Are the not interfering in real protection? (same logarithmes, etc) Question 3 is: Is MBAE not just a consumer product, and is EMET better for 'professionals'? Just questions... For the time being i'm using EMET 5.2 with a good AV. And cheching systems with other tools. I know verry well dat 100% save is not possible anymore...
  2. The problem seems EMET. For solution: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/163985-running-emet-and-mbae-together/
  3. The problem continues with all add-ons disabled Disabling Avast doesn't help either. There is no problem with Chore and Firefox with avast enabled
  4. After looking at a lot of logs i think the add-on of Dashlane in IE11, even deactivated, is causing this problem with MBAE In Chrome and Firefox there is no problem with the Add-on You're invited to investigate this by a Remote support session
  5. I have Teamviewer. In the meanwhile i executed ComboFix and a tmp folder was deleted. Afther that: - deactivated MBAE - started IE11 - activated MBAE Now, that's new, there is a message dat IE11 stopped working and 'windows' is looking for a solution attached log ComboFix I executed al the rootkit finders etc, nothing is found (Tddskiller, GMER, etc) ComboFix.txt
  6. I have disabled all the add-ons (i do not have a lot) and also disabled normal functions (spellingcheck etc). Still the same problem
  7. I can't open IE11 with Anti Exploit kit activated. IE11 is closed. Starting IE11 without Anti Exploit Kit activated and manaualy activate, doesn't close IE11 mbae.zip
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