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  1. Hi fr33tux, thanks for the reply. I've removed them and all is well!! One question though, how do i go about removing the infected files completely from my computer? I don't mean to so just yet but i'm just curious if i decided to do so in the future. Do i just uninstall adwcleaner and that will in turn delete the files from the quarantine? Or do i manually go and delete the files from the quarantine myself if i want them completely removed? Thanks again for the reply.
  2. Hi, adwcleaner is detecting a couple of registry files and i'm just wondering if they are safe to delete? I've run ESET and HitmanPro (Free) and neither have found anything. I'm currently running a malwarebytes full scan, it's half way through at the moment (it's scanned the registry) and it has found nothing so far. If the full malwarebytes scan completes and there are no detections, should i remove the files with adwcleaner, or are they false positives considering the other scanners have not detected them? Please find log attached. Thank you. AdwCleaner[S42].txt
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