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  1. Yes we use the term errors, that was my mistake. But you also contradicted yourself by posting a screen shot with 17 Registry errors after claiming Reimage ALWAYS finds 25+. It is clear that the machine you ran Reimage on in not a clean one, and has been used before, as evidence by the 140MB in Windows temp folder, and by the 17 registry errors. All of these issues can be confirmed by navigating to the temp folder and calculate the size, and by navigating to the registry path an see the issues. About the crash during the installation – during the installation we run Windows’s regsvr32 to register our dll file. It is not an intentional crash, and It seems that there is something wrong with one of the components regsvr32.exe is using. This is another evidence that the Windows is probably not a clean machine (it is also possible that this is a bug – but one that we didn’t see in our countless runs in the QA department or informed about it from users). However, even with this crash, and the registry errors, and the temp files – you can see in your screenshot that we say that the damage is LOW. We do not lie or try to scare the user that this is something critical. This is the difference between a PUP and a legitimate software. If we were a PUP we would say that this is critical and scare the user into buying. The “Settings” icon as you call it is not a settings icon at all but a “technology” icon, where the user can read about our unique, patent pending, technology. About the other 3 “issues”: 1. Yes, we do auto run the program. So do many other programs, including most AV's. I don’t see any problem with this. 2. Start repair load our pricing page, where the user see all the benefits he gets. Reimage is not free, so we can’t start a repair without the user buying. 3. We found that many users that bought Reimage ask to buy another license and this way we give the user an option buy more with a discount. No, we do not have the option to save the scan results. Malwarebytes is actively removing Reimage paid users and is causing irreparable damage. You seem to have made up your mind regardless of our counter arguments and many false statements made here about Reimage. Can we progress this public dialog to something more productive? We are a publicly traded company part of a significantly large group and we can't wait several months to be reanalyzed. -Steve
  2. Reimage is not a registry cleaner... Reimage is a Windows repair tool, than fixes crashes, instability and damage that caused by malicious programs. It does so by repairing and restoring system files and repairing and restoring registry keys and values. It does all the formatting and reinstalling Windows does, all while keeping the user programs and data intact. You can see here see a comparison between registry cleaners and Reimage here http://www.reimageplus.com/comparison/. In addition to our main feature, and as a service for our users, reimage also takes care of malware that can run on the user PC (since many time it cause the damage that led the user to Reimage in the first place), empty the user junk files, and clean very specific places in the registry, with entries in that can affect the user (and there such entries, since in the end of the day Windows registry is a database that Windows use constantly - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Registry). It is absolutely not true that Reimage always finds errors, and definitely not always more than 25 error. You are more than welcome to test Reimage on a clean machine (for example freshly installed Windows), and see for yourself. Even if reimage finds registry issues and junk, you will see that if these are the only issues that were found, we will say that the severity of the damage is low. It will take a lot of registry errors (a few hundreds), and a lot of junk files (we calculate it as a percentage from the free space of the system partition) for the severity of the damage to be considered as medium. And it will never be high only from these two categories. Using reimage is like putting you PC in a PC technician lab – we are fixing the Windows, not cleaning the Registry. Just like a technician won’t fix you PC for free, neither will we. Maintaining a repository of spare parts, use Avira SAVAPI engine to scan for malware, and downloading the spare parts, that in some case can be even be more than 1GB, all cost money. Because of this we offer 60 days money back policy, way above the standard, so if a user is not happy – he can get his money back easily. This is more than fair. We've been tested thoroughly by Symantec, Avast, Kaspersky, K7, AVG, McAfee, Avira and Microsoft and NEVER have we showed "errors" or high severity for Registry keys on a clean OS. We pass all Whitelisting tests with flying colors and are monitored 24/7. In January 2015 we went through an extensive remodeling of our severity levels with the leading AV on the market. They insisted we lower severity levels for any Junk and Registry ISSUES found (we don't use the term ERRORS). Since then we are fully compliant, especially regarding Registry and Junk file detection. Everything you mentioned in your last post can be easily refuted with a simple test on a clean OS. I've passed our correspondence on to our legal department, as all these false statements being made publicly about Reimage will surly make you liable for defamation.
  3. Hi, My name is Steve and I handle the marketing efforts for Reimage. There is no question that the ad mentioned above is beyond unacceptable. You’ve made some valid points and we appreciate the feedback. I was able to track down this specific affiliate and remove the misleading advertisement mentioned above. We have sent out new parameters as of this morning to all partners based on these guidelines: http://blogs.technet.com/b/mmpc/archive/2015/04/28/cleaning-up-misleading-advertisements.aspx Since your last message, I have spent the last 24 hrs removing any questionable advertisements and affiliates. So far maybe 13 affiliates have been removed based on where and how they advertise Reimage. That being said, customer complaints and no free trial are not valid reason to be removing our paid users. You mention you haven’t received any complaints about a f/p, but I can show you dozens of examples of paid Reimage users asking why Malwarebytes is removing our software. There needs to be more emphasis put on our US patented repair technology and how we clean our users PC’s http://www.google.com.ar/patents/US20100064285. Suggesting that we are “Charging someone for doing the same job as cleanmgr” is extremely misleading and incorrect. With the exception of cleaning temp folders (which is a minute part of what reimage does) we’re the only product that fixes missing or damaged OS components including EXE files, DLL files, SYS files, Registry Values including the ability to restore damaged registry Hives. We also include a deep Virus scan from our partner Avira and much more. We’ve cleaned house as of this morning and will continue more aggressively policing how Reimage is advertised by 3rd parties. In the meantime can you please reevaluate the product itself? The past week has been a disaster and complaints keep rolling in. Your consideration is appreciated. Thanks, -Steve
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