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  1. G'day Pedro, Thanks very much, problem fixed. I read somewhere in Settings not to change anything in "Advanced Settings" unless instructed so I did not even open it. May have given it a try if I had(-: Again, thanks for the rapid response and fix. Regards...Bob
  2. Hi, False positive using WinXP_Pro-SP3 and Winword 2000. Software details: OS: WinXP_Pro-SP3 WinWord 2000 v9.09050-SP3 WinXP DEP enabled. Problem exists with or without WinWord excluded. MBAE "word.exe" locked or unlocked Windows throws DEP alert and shuts down MS Word with alert dialog box. Problem occurs starting MS Word directly (not opening existing document) OR attempting to open Word document without Word already running. Excluding MS Word in DEP makes no difference. Unlocking MS Word (word.exe) in MBAE Shields makes no difference Stopping MBAE Protection all is OK. For now I will ensure I disable my Internet connection and MBAE while creating Word documents. Tried to attach zipped folder but get Error Message "Upload Skipped (Error IO)". File size 195KB (<30MB limit). Browser is Firefox Ver 38.0.5. Is there a filename length limit? OK, used basic uploader. Folder zip file attached OK now.MBAE_FP_WinXP_Word.zip Hope you can help. Regards...Aussie_Bob
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