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  1. Yes. I was awaiting some sort of result from the zip file I uploaded. Cheemag
  2. I've downloaded the Virus Total thing and will try it later. The registry hack was applied without problems, but made no difference even after a reboot.. I'm about to give up on this - it's more bother than it's worth. Regards Cheemag
  3. I've done this time and time again. It doesn't work. Has nothing been discovered in the .zip file I uploaded a few days ago ? -- Cheemag
  4. Me too. I've more or less given up on MWB and simply rely on Kaspersky now. Regards Cheemag
  5. So it's an external application. Attached. Hope this helps. --- Cheemag mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. I would, if I could find the function. There's nothing about MBST in the MWB interface programme. The principal reason I use MWB is to scan FILES for malware. For everything else I have Kaspersky IS 2019. I can see no other way of scanning a file other than via the context menu. Regards Cheemag
  7. "Scan with Malwarebytes" context menu item missing in 3.7.1 despite being activated in settings.
  8. Thanks and sorry for the delay. I came to the conclusion that it was probably due to an extension. I disabled them all and restarted. No block. Enabled AdBlock Pro and got the hanstrackr block. So it's due to AdBlock Pro. I gathered from search that 'hanstracker'/'hanstrackr' was adware ! I'd also imagined AdBlock Pro to be a legitimate extension. I'll look for another ad-blocker. Thanks to all who responded. Regards Cheemag
  9. Every time I launch the Vivaldi browser MWB blocks Vivaldi from accessing "www.hanstrackr.com" (which is a malware site). Below that it gives the IP, which is something entirely different. According to ADW Cleaner the machine is clean and there are no obvious signs of hanstracker. It would seem rather unlikely that Vivaldi is deliberately trying to access a malware site. What is going on here? Regards Cheemag PS This MWB forum site appears to be attempting canvas tracking according to my anti-trackers ....
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