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  1. It's ok... I'm doing a clean uninstall with mbam clean. I've noticed a lot of wacky behavior since upgrading from 1.75 and I don't see anyone else complaining about the stuff IM seeing and I find it hard to believe that malwarebytes released such a buggy product, so for now Im assuming it's just having issues because I upgraded over an old version. Ill post back here if it continues. Thanks
  2. So I have a custom scan set to run weekly and it didn't run... any suggestions?
  3. Compatible? Or any plans to make these two compatible? I'm sure a lot of users are not ready or willing to start a subscription and didn't care for that business model in the first place so I would see quite a few jumping ship (or switching to the free version which is by no means comparable) after upgrading to 10.
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