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  1. C'mon... no one knows how to put a complaint in or take an issue to the next level?
  2. I put a ticket in over a week ago in regards to my licenses being blocked for being maxed out (I reformat my hard drives several times due to issues with Windows 10). These are valid ID's issued by malwarebytes. The person who responded to me doesn't seem to know his job and is trying to get me to purchase a subscription. I asked for him to forward the issue to his supervisor and I received no response back for several days. I set up a new issue and here now, come Monday morning, and that new issue has been deleted and the old issue says updated today yet no contact has been made with me. I can only assume this no nothing is now messing with me whereby he just updates the issue leaving it in a perpetual state of waiting. How can I get in contact with a supervisor in consumer support?
  3. Domain: update.winzip.com IP: and Type: Outbound Process: Winzip64.exe This one just started today... malicious website blocked
  4. There are multiple articles and programs available to stop Windows 10 from spying on you... for right now until they start bypassing it all... just google it. As another point to consider... if you are using Windows 7 or 8, they are now installing the same spyware on those OS's... just google it In related news... google is spying on you too... just google it.
  5. Why is single file scanning really a job for your antivirus?
  6. Same here... I don't know what changed between 1.75 and 2 but it's painfully slow
  7. "Is it just because my trial is almost over? It has about 7 days left and noticed looking at the actual menu theres an orange sad face type thing next to it so Im not sure, is that all it is?" Yes
  8. On two computers, on a clean install of windows 10 with nothing else on the computer I did a clean install of Malwarebytes and the problem exists on both computers. There was another thread going about this, but they locked it. There is a bug plain and simple. It extends beyond update on reboot because the only tasks I had scheduled were the ones that were as they were installed which is check hourly. Multiple users have reported this in the last few days.
  9. "You are on 10, @patermann is on 7, and the OP is on 8.1. So the problem may or may not actually be "the same"." We are all using windows, we are all using Malwarebytes 2.1.8, we are all here at the same time and all experiencing similar symptoms. Though the problem possibly may not be "the same", when multiple people all start posting about seemingly similar symptoms at the same time, it's safe to err on the side of it probably being the same issue. When I have just done a clean install of Malwarebytes on two computers with brand new clean installations of windows 10 and they are both doing the same thing I would say there is most definitely something with Malwarebytes. With that said I think it has to do with logging in and not yet being connected to the internet. However, as far as Check for Updates at startup? I don't see a setting for that and as mentioned this is a brand new install without me changing any settings. The only check for updates is the default one as installed which is already hourly.
  10. Same thing here on two computers. Just upgraded to Win 10 and installed Malwarebytes and they are both doing the same thing
  11. If you go to any web page, right click anywhere and click properties Internet Explorer (and add-ons) Application Hardening Attempt to execute VBScript blocked C:\Windows\SysWOW64\vbscript.dll It then closes and reopens the page and you are never allowed to see properties
  12. Latest version is missing the number of protected programs count on the "General" tab. I found that text very useful personally. Bug or by design?
  13. Same behavior on both computers. I also used an uninstaller to remove AE so as to remove all traces and it's still the exact same behavior. Well for what it's worth I currently have Win 7 64 bit pro (not sure what you're using). If you think of something simple it might be then I'd be happy to try it, but any in-depth attempts at trying to diagnose this would be pointless at this time as I plan to migrate to windows 10 when it comes out in a couple of weeks so anything else would be purely academic. If it continues on with Win 10 I will certainly give it further effort.
  14. 1) Cleared log via interface file is deleted... I would expect this is default good behavior. File is 7kb. 2) Load the file up with data (open a few programs). The file responds as expected and increases in size... in this case I'm at 19kb. Log is populated. 3) Reboot. File size stays at 19kb. Log is not populated. 4) I have confirmed that no other program is touching this file via auditing. 5) This is happening on two very different computers. The file is present and data is populated. Anti-Exploit is simply not reading anything beyond the current boot session. Keep in mind they just added this back in to the current version to "Log protection Events". I suspect this behavior is a bug as why would you leave the data there but not read it.
  15. More precisely the name of the log... is this it? C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit\mbae-default.log
  16. I don't have anything clearing in an auto fashion ever. Are you able to provide the location of the log? I'll have to do an audit on my system.
  17. So is it safe to assume the Anti Root kit Beta is no longer necessary as a separate download now that Anti Malware contains a root kit check? There is nothing additional to be gained by downloading that tool in addition to anti-malware correct?
  18. So in the latest version they brought back log population, however when you reboot the log is empty again. Is this by design or is this a bug? Personally unless there is some kind of huge performance hit, I'd appreciate it if the logs were left alone and showed me accurate results of what occurred on my computer over the last couple of week so that I can review them. Put a time limit on the logs for anything greater than 30 days or something but don't keep erasing it every time I reboot.
  19. One workaround is to close malwarebytes and reopen it. The update link will again be useable. Also if you upgrade to I think it goes away. Not sure yet, I need to run it for a while. As I said I believe it just has to do with how they rolled out this new version. You have the "Check for Program Updates..." box unselected in your update settings right? They are doing funky stuff on their side with this rollout.
  20. Just started a couple of days ago. Probably has something to do with how they are sending out the new version
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