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  1. I have the setting "Notify me when a new version is available" turned off and so of course it decided to notify me anyway with a toaster popup. Fix it please. Thank you Version 1.0.44240 1.0.1413
  2. That's what I'm saying though. It wasnt greyed out at all prior to January... 100% certain. For me it didnt look like that until I uninstalled it this week and then reinstalled. This is a fairly recent change. The screenshot I attached was from the security and Maintenance section in old control panel. MB Free has been uninstalled so I dont know what the newer Security screen showed
  3. @Porthos I appreciate your persistence and dedication to MB over the years. As stated though, seriously I've had enough with trying to troubleshoot this software. As mentioned, this System Tray issue has been ongoing for probably 8 years. Same scenario over and over. They break it, they fix it maybe a month or two later. It's ok for six months and then they break it again. It isnt solely my computer, there are tons of postings on this and I would dare say it's probably the biggest, reoccurring problem this software has dealt with in its history. I dont have faith that MB will fix this "once and for all", with or without my help. They have fixed it before and they will break it again. I understand there are a lot of different computers out here and a lot of different setups, but ultimately they are trying to integrate with windows and that is common to all. Whether it be the security center or system tray icons they have been designing this software long enough to get it right and unfortunately they dont... over and over again.
  4. @ Porthos, I'm not entirely sure what you are saying is accurate. 1) I rebuilt my computers in January. I can 100% guarantee you that option was not a premium feature at that time or anytime before it. 2) Note that it is "greyed out" in the ON position. 3) I apologize I'm unable to take a screenshot of the affected computer as I've already uninstalled MB, however, as you see in the attached screenshot, the Virus Protection section shows as an item in security center allowing you to access Defenders security screen when it is not registered and then the entry is removed when MB is registered. On the affected computer Virus Protection was not there.
  5. @Maurice Naggar I appreciate the response, but I think you are missing the big picture
  6. Just noticed in the latest version that Register in the Security Center is now a premium feature? Firstly, are ya kidding me? Secondly, if this is meant as some kind of incentive to get people to want the paid version, it was counterproductive... I've uninstalled Free because of this and further, over the last couple of weeks I was actually thinking about purchasing another license and this irritated me so much I simply uninstalled it. Is this an oversight? Possibly someone has a different way of looking at this, but why would I want a program that has no real-time protection capability and which I only use as a secondary scanner to register itself as an ACTIVE security program? I would ask the decision makers to reverse this.
  7. Further confirmed that if you stop MB from starting automatically on reboot or even uninstall it then the problem stops and all icons load correctly every time. In the past, the temporary answer has always been to turn off web protection if anyone needs a workaround. I personally am just turning MB off altogether until a fix comes.
  8. So I've been with Malwarebytes a lot of years and I sincerely just dont have the patience, time or energy to troubleshoot this software any longer. Especially not a problem that seems to occur a couple of times a year, every single year. I also fail to understand why this is the only piece of software on my computer with which I continuously find issues. However, I just want to throw this out there and advise that I had no problems with my system tray icons prior to 6/25. 6/25 rolls around, new MB update comes out and now on three computers I have issues with system tray icons inconsistently loading after reboot. Battery icon, Wifi Icon, Snagit and Malwarebytes. For the MB one, it just happens on the free version on one computer... the other two premium load every time. I have done a clean install with the support tool and same results. Someone pass this on to the devs please and as per usual it will magically be fixed in a couple of months. Thanks Windows 64bit pro MB 1.0.42540 1.0.1358
  9. I've been using since before it became part of Malwarebytes and it's awesome. Couldn't ask for a better piece of software. Nicely designed, non-invasive and the developer is very responsive to questions. @Porthos as far as "the need" it's to allow you to control outbound connections in the firewall and be notified, which normal windows firewall lacks badly. This software just adds that extra control over the existing windows firewall instead of having to install an entirely new firewall software. Windows firewall is very good as far as protection, just lacks certain basics. I use it constantly so there is definitely "a need". Biggest need number one is to control the biggest piece of spyware on your computer... WINDOWS. Secondly, if you have inadvertently installed a piece of malware on your computer, it may do damage locally, but firstly you'll be aware of it maybe a bit sooner because you'll get notifications that something is trying to connect outbound and it will be blocked. Secondly that it will not allow a connection to home base to try and download additional components or send your information to God knows who. Thirdly, it adds little things like context menu items where you can just click on a file and allow or block as opposed to having to open up windows firewall and adding manual entries. Fourthly, allows you to set profiles on the fly with a click in the system tray and finally allows you to review all connection attempts, inbound and outbound. It's good and I recommend to anyone just running windows firewall. I also recommend it to anyone that has installed a different firewall and are scratching their heads trying to figure out why is this so complex.
  10. I had a desktop and laptop with 8 GBs of RAM. The system trays were both very slow on the order of 13 seconds. One day my desktop went down for the count permanently so I bought a new desktop and laptop (they were due for replacement). The processor speed and other hardware didnt really change much, but these new ones have 16GBs of RAM and Malwarebytes opens right up now instantly. Not sure how much you have as I didnt open the zip, but maybe time for an upgrade? I know Malwarebytes is very intensive on RAM to which I've complained on that as well. Even if it seems like you have a lot available it seems to want more. Right now it's using 3 times greater than my next highest program which is Windows Defender (which you can assume is already using a lot).
  11. Just updated to 4.2.3 and all issues appear to be gone. Seems like a stable build other than some odd behavior when it was installing, but that seems to be par for the course. Penetration *giggity* testing has been moved to advanced exploit... is it not a good idea to turn that back on? Im pretty sure that was on by default in the last version I was using 4.2.1 and it was running fine. Anyone else using it?
  12. There are literally 4 other threads about this on the first page. Malwarebytes knows they're wrong (or have at least accepted that people are angry about it) and are intending to change how it's done, but they dont know when. Which mean it could be a very long time.
  13. @Porthos - Apples and Oranges. Major difference between between "we're installing something and you MIGHT need to restart" and "we are shutting down down your computer in 10 minutes and there is nothing you can do about it." One implies I will have control over the process and I'll be able to shut down MY computer in a controlled manner. The other one may occur if I get up and walk away from my computer and you do it anyway.
  14. If people arent smart enough to reboot their computers before calling for support then I put those people into the same category as someone who doesnt check to see if something is plugged in before assuming it's broken and calling "the guy". My computer is my computer. Do NOT force anything upon me and @digmorcrusher said it... warn me multiple times after the fact if you like... warn me before I install that you are going to require a restart and ask me if I wish to continue the installation, but under no circumstances should a piece of software ever assume that it knows more than me about what is happening on my computer and just force something.
  15. Just to chime in on this... I had the same problem about a week ago on Windows 10 Pro 1909. Researched and never found any fix for it and ended up putting a system image back on from a month ago in order to fix it. I had the biggest suspicion that it was Malwarebytes that was causing the issue, but never had any proof. The reason I believe it was Malwarebytes is that I hadnt updated or installed anything in a couple of weeks and then noticed the issue shortly after I updated to the MB version right before 4.2.2. So, I dont think it was related to 4.2.2, but was introduced right before that. I'm currently running (from a month ago) and the issue is not present. There was another version right after this and then two versions of 4.2.2. so whatever changes were made in the version that was released between and 4.2.2 might be the culprit.
  16. @exile360 - It happens on two different computers so NETGEAR A6100 WiFi Adapter and Qualcomm Atheros AR5009 802.11a|g|n WiFi Adapter. @AdvancedSetup - No doubt it's a legitimate ongoing issue, however, to note the distinction: 1) Those 363 million are most likely for a permanent state. In other words, it doesnt just blink out and then come back 20 seconds later only to be normal. I've had that happen on my work computers over vpn, but it was an issue that had to be fixed on the vpn or network and it stayed as no internet connection the entire time. None of that applies here. 2) This condition doesnt exist on my two computers prior to the last two updates. When I started this thread, I updated (to the version two weeks ago), saw the condition, but assumed it was related to the network neighborhood issue and didnt say anything. I put a system image on to go back to the previous MB version and no problems. Today (2 weeks later), I update to version 4.2.2) and the issue showed up again. So we can narrow it down to say it started two versions ago, but beyond that IDK. I do know for a fact that I put a system image back on and the problem doesnt exist anymore, which leads me to my next statement that unfortunately as far as the logs go, I keep my computers pristine. The slightest hint of an issue and I slap a system image on and go back in time because it's much easier on my scalp than the hair-pulling that follows if I dont, so Im unable to provide those for you, but happy to answer any questions I can. Finally, one other issue, and again this may be related to the system tray icon issue I mentioned earlier in this thread where when quitting Malwarebytes and then re-opening MB, the Windows Defender icon would disappear. Quit MB again and Defender would show up and back and forth as such. This occurring even though I am not registered in the Security Center for MB. So this new issue, I booted my computer up with 4.2.2 installed and got a message saying to turn on Security Center that popped in and out. So again if you were to search this issue you'd get 363 Million results as well, but believe me when I tell you I havent seen that message on these computers in years. Just happened when I installed 4.2.2.
  17. Alright, so just updated to the latest 4.2.2 and happy to report that the neighborhood is visible again. However, unhappy to report that there is still an issue that was noticed in the last version as well, but I didnt think it to be a separate issue at the time (probably isnt which is why it's mentioned that the issue still persists for some). The network icon in the system tray appears to change to connected (changes from globe to wifi symbol) and then about 10 seconds later goes back to a globe (and this can last up to 20 seconds all the while says it's connected to my router, but no internet detected (even though it's fine)), and then after that 20 seconds it turns back to wifi and everything is fine. So I think close but no cigar.
  18. It runs fine. However, if you've never used it before it gets quite tedious. Seems like it's still somewhat of a work in progress which is probably why MSFT doesnt turn it on by default.
  19. https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb4_offline
  20. Oh and I don't know if it would, but there was no message like defender has been deactivated... The icon would just disappear and malwarebytes would appear. Turn off malwarebytes and defender would appear.
  21. As mentioned above, I've already done a system image and reverted back to the prior version so there are no logs anymore. Unable to help there, but Porthos confirmed the web protection aspect already. As far as the defender icon, I only turned it off/on to deal with the aforementioned issue with network neighborhood. It was booting up and running both fine until I manually turned it off and on. Thats about all I can give you other than Im using Windows Pro 64 1909.
  22. Right click in the tray > Quit Malwarebytes Wait > Double Click your desktop icon to open it back up Is Defender still there?
  23. Windows Defender Icon - There were no problems prior to updating yesterday and no it was not set to register in the security center. Network Neighborhood - I've already done a system image. Seems that release is a bit buggy. I just dont have the time to be a beta tester so Ill wait to see if they fix anything in later releases and just stay on the prior version for a while.
  24. Aaaaaaaand just noticed another issue... when I open Malwarebytes back up as described above, it makes the windows Defender icon disappear from the system tray. Happens on both computers. You know I've been with Malwarebytes a long time, but sincerely I have to say you have the worst beta testing in the world that no one sees this stuff. This is happening on different two computers. Looks like Im going to have to put a system image and roll this update back. Thanks
  25. Another day, another problem... Yesterday I updated Malwarebytes to the latest version (released on Wednesday) and it prevents Windows Network Neighborhood from showing all computers. Turn off Malwarebytes and there they are. Turn it on and they disappear again. Please fix this.
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