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  1. what I'm trying to figure out is why this comes up 3-5 times a day and is there an something on my system that is causing chrome to visit this site? seems like when I try to go a any site this will come up (not all sites, but a at least every 3 sites). I've done the done and deep scan and have use tools from this site and nothing shows up on my W10 system. how do I suppress the messages. My history file has a lot of entries in it. Again if I can clear this then the history file will cease to add multiple entries on a daily basis. Thanks
  2. ok, what I see is this message comes up daily, is there anything that can be done to a) have it blocked permanently and how to stop the notification from showing up daily at least 3 or more times a day.
  3. #1 - level 5 #2 - better scan completion information, clients wants to know how long a scan will take. #2 - detection of crypto locker, this has become a major hit or miss exercise and I end up doing complete backup of servers and desktops.
  4. One (1) feature I would love to see is a percent complete. As an IT support person I get paid by the 15 minutes increment and when I do a scan remotely there is no way of knowing how long the scan will take whereas with a percent complete I can easily calculate the time and cost for a scan. It would benefit both myself and client as they too want to know how long it will take to complete.
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