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  1. Thanks Mr. David, and Mr. Spud. Mr. David, I emailed this issue to the related email addresses you suggested. I hope they will find a solution to this because this really made me annoyed. I may inform you about the result after google representatives contacts me.
  2. Hello to who is interested with this topic. I have been receiving spam emails for a while from the sender who is using my official name and family name. I am really annoyed by this case. The spam emails nearly made my spam folder section full on my gmail account. Their content are immoral and vulgar. How can we stop this person using my name and sending these dingy spam mails by abusing my identity? I am not sure those spam emails were also sent to other email accounts in my gmail records. Additionally, I tried to resolve this issue by myself and I have no experience about this sort of issues. Somewhere it was written to inform the related office about it by emailing abuse@gmail.com. However, I later discovered that abuse@gmail.com was also a scam. So, can anyone help me with this spam, scam problems? Is there any resolution? Thanks.
  3. Hey! I solved my problem. It was totally because of the anti-virus program I am using. I turned off the Identity Shield under Identity Protection tab. Now my computer is saving the proxy settings.
  4. I use Webroot SecureAnywhere. How can I control Proxy Settings from there?
  5. The same thing is happening with Internet Explorer. Ok. Click on http://www.library.boun.edu.tr/en/proxy.phpagain. If it says You are being redirected to Library Homepage... wait until the homepage opens. Afterwards, you will click English option from the language bar, and click Electronic Services, and then click Proxy Settings.
  6. Here is the address: http://www.library.boun.edu.tr/en/proxy.php Even though, I enable only one of them, it is still not saved.
  7. I am not sure what a VPN client is. I am not a software engineer. Sorry. I am using the proxy information setting on Google Chrome. I enable both "Automatically detect settings" and "Use automatic configuration script" and provide the URL. However, my computer is not saving it.
  8. Well, I need this settings to reach the database of the library of our university off-campus in order to download the scientific articles that our university has access based on an agreement. However, my laptop does not save the proxy settings I enter.
  9. Hi. Can anyone help me with the proxy settings problem on my laptop? My laptop does not save the proxy settings. I need to do this with automatic configuration section from Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window.
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