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  1. Woops, It didn't attach the first time. I apologize MGADiag.txt
  2. TwinHeadedEagle Thank you for the swift reply! Addition_02-06-2015_15-59-55.txt FRST_02-06-2015_15-59-55.txt
  3. Hello! I recently scanned my computer with Malwarebytes and found a few problems. I easily removed these problems and Malwarebytes asked me to restart my computer. I restart my computer and I opened League of Legends after my computer finished loading. It had been working BEFORE I used Malwarebytes. So I tried to log in and immediately I knew something was wrong when it told me the server was not responding. So I repair the client and try again to log in. Unfortunately, the problem persisted. I went to the League of Legends archives and I found that problems can be related to IE. I open IE and behold, the proxy server is not responding. I have tried to restart my computer, restart my router, and I am even rescanning my computer AGAIN with Malwarebytes. I need some help please! IE is the only program being affected by this proxy server problem (besides League). Please reply soon. -Brianna9
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