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  1. Just installed the lastest version (today 31-05-2015) of MBAM, and two things stand out that are very annoying. 1. On the dashboard, and startup the program did an update. ok. fair enough. When I went to scan now, it wanted to do another update, like 5seconds after it just done one. This needs to be fixed 2. Changing windows security settings. Like 10 or so years ago, security software was constantly changing windows security settings WITHOUT the users permission. I remember in multiple forums and other places people complaining like mad to stop this BS from happening. Your doing it again. I have a firewall and antivirus, etc, and after the scan was completed, your stupid program decided to override MY security settings and turn on Windows Firewall. It causes conflicts with my current firewall program, and crashed my computer. THANKS. It also activated that crappy (windows XP) security system tray icon and reactivated automatic updates. NOT HAPPY It's my computer, not yours, Your software should ask if you want to make system changes, regardless of what they are currently set too! for the moment, I'm removing your software and I'm going back to the older more trustworthy version. At least it wont screw with my system settings. Very annoyed -Fred
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