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  1. My name is Andy Thompson and I am the Marketing Communication Director here at CompuClever. We took your inputs and comments seriously and objectively in order to improve both the value or our products and how we market our products. While we are proactively managing and regulating how our applications are being marketed and delivered to users across the Internet, I do have to point out the key issues here: 1. PCTuneUpMaestro does provide a registry scan/clean function but that doesn’t mean PCTuneUpMaestro is only a registry cleaner. Many Antivirus applications (for instance, Bitdefender
  2. I wanted to take a moment to respond to the comment that PC TuneUp Maestro is a "registry cleaner" application. The comment is misleading in that it ignores the majority of what the application actually does. While the opening panel does start with the tools for the registry it also includes the functions for changing the settings in Windows to increase the speed of the operating system and Windows settings affecting internet performance, based on our proprietary system profiling technology. This panel also includes the tool for defragmenting the registry so that when the registry is cleaned u
  3. Hi Scoop, Thank you for providing further information about your encounter with PCTuneUpMaestro. We here at CompuClever cares about how our software affects anybody's PC. I want to re-assure you that PCTuneUpMaestro alone is a legit and safe application, certified by Microsoft with a Windows 8 Logo Certification, which demands that we follow rigid criteria related to computing safety and security. So PCTuneUpMaestro itself is not capable of self-install on your PC. CompuClever is a Microsoft Application Development Partner and an Intel Elite Software Parnter and we do not take chances when
  4. [To Malwarebytes team] please keep this thread open as we are preparing our response to you. [To forum member "Scoop"] PCTuneUpMaestro is a Microsoft Windows 8 Logo certified application and it is free from any Malware and is certainly NOT a driveby download type of threat. We are as concerned as you are of how the appliation ended on your PC without your knowledge. If it was someone, whom we partner with, is conducting such behaviour, we are definitely NOT going to tolerate that. Please kindly send the scan log to our support team (support[at]compuclever.com) so that our security analysis t
  5. [***We had to open a new topic for the same issue as our previous thread was locked out without allowing us to continue responding to Malwarebytes' reply:] To whom this may concern, Thanks for taking the time and effort analyzing our software and posting back your concerns. We would like to provide you with more information regarding PC TuneUp Maestro and PC Clean Maestro in related to your observation: 1) Both software offer a list of permanently free functions that require no purchase. Please review this article for detail: http://www.compuclever.com/posts/compuclever-free-functionalit
  6. To whom this may concern, It's been brought to our attention that our programs were categorized by your database as Potentially Unwanted Program. The programs' name and download URLs are linked below: PC TuneUp Maestro http://www.compuclever.com/products/pc-tuneup-maestro/download/latest/ PC Clean Maestro http://www.compuclever.com/products/pc-clean-maestro/download/ Ultra File Opener http://www.ultrafileopener.com/ Ultra eBook Reader http://www.ultraebookreader.com/ We think it is a false positive and therefore request that you either remove our programs from this categorization o
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