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  1. Hello All, Just updated my mobile Malwarebytes today and it instantly flagged up that it found 1 malware. I selected it to be deleted and the message said that the removal was unsuccessful. I have found that the App sits under settings 'About Phone' and is the Wireless update. I'm not sure if it's a false positive or embedded malware. If it's malware, what options are available to me? Details: Malwarebytes Version: Malware found: Android/Trojan.Dropper.Agent.w File: /system/app/AdupsFota.apk App name: Wireless update About Phone info 'Wireless update' details: Current: CUBOT S108_4600K0P2_CQ10_4031C_V005 Phone manufacturer / make: Cubot S108 Android version: 4.2.2 Phone isn't rooted Thank you for any feedback / help Regards, Gibbo
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