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  1. Hi Armando, Following Usalyn827 post above, I too deleted version and installed version and the scan doesn't pick up Fota as a problem anymore. The scan came back clean. Thank you for your help and feedback, Gibbo
  2. Hello All, Just updated my mobile Malwarebytes today and it instantly flagged up that it found 1 malware. I selected it to be deleted and the message said that the removal was unsuccessful. I have found that the App sits under settings 'About Phone' and is the Wireless update. I'm not sure if it's a false positive or embedded malware. If it's malware, what options are available to me? Details: Malwarebytes Version: Malware found: Android/Trojan.Dropper.Agent.w File: /system/app/AdupsFota.apk App name: Wireless update About Phone info 'Wireless update' details:
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