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  1. I actually did find the folder for Firefox Free Download Packages under C:\Users\[MAIN USER, it's my name so will refer to it as "MAIN USER" in future posts]\AppData\Roaming\1O1L1I1PtF1F1C1N\Firefox Free Download Packages, but the folder is empty and therefore I cannot "uninstall" anything. (I'm not removing it without a go ahead either.) This folder appears only on that user account after checking and finding it still existed. I realized you might see the folder listing in the log files but not know it was empty (likely from my previously mentioned suggestions.) Sorry last post like this
  2. Oh, and due to the incomplete steps, I did not run the malwarebytes scan of course. (Sorry, I forgot since I'm a new user here I cannot yet edit my posts and add that to the reply. I know a few more replies in and i should get that, or an admin will grant me that likely in the future.) Based on these turnouts, let me know in subsequent replies if/when you'd like that scan.
  3. Hi Borislav! Since you took the time to reply on a holiday I'll stick with you, thank you BTW! (And If it turns out you cannot help after we try everything, I'll then consider going to the help desk at Consumer Support.) I was able to remove the IoBit Uninstaller without issue. However, the IoBit Apps toolbar 7.0 could not uninstall due to it not finding its source and the Windows Installer notes this. As expected since it couldn't find the source, it's still listed in the "installed programs" I don't know if this source was previously deleted from a prior temp file purge before this postin
  4. I've noticed a slowdown both in the loading of the Chrome browser (in the "Resolving Hosts" phase) and overall computer speed compared to recent use (as well as more resources are being used.) While I do have Malwarebytes Premium, the Pup.Optional.Spigot.A (Chrome Preferences) does seem to keep re-infecting after its daily scan (as noted doing first on this page, and the scans happened one day after all Windows and Security updates were installed through regular update methods, no browser pop-up's or new installation methods.) So, I am now posting this Thread. Let me know if you need anyt
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