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  1. Hello, I have been banging my head until I actually found this forum. Excel was crashing every time I tried to open it. After reading other topics, I disabled features of "Application Behavior Protection" for MS Office. I had to disable 3 features until it could actually open. 1. Office spawning batch command prevention 2. Office VBA7 abuse prevention 3. Office VBE7 abuse prevention I wonder what else I will encounter if I try everything. And I wasn't even wanting to work on the file. Just wanted to see how I tackled a similar problem as I was trying to help someone on MrExcel forums. I would be totally unaware otherwise, and was planning to show it to some people in a day or two. What a mess it would be... Even though the problem is averted for now, I, as some others, would not like to give up on security and would like to suggest that: We get an exception list for Office files that we trust, by-passing these abuse prevention detections when they originate from the whitelisted files. It would be even better if the pop-up actually had an "add to exclusion/whitelist" button if possible. If you still wish additional info I will provide. You can also find the installer (a self-extracting 7z exe) on GitHub (LazyD Charter). Not relevant at the moment (maybe if I test those features they will be), but I use a few AutoIT executable scripts to make the xlsm work as well, and everything is there including the source code of the scripts. Thanks.
  2. Hey Gonzo, Thank you for your prompt reply. I saw so many similar threads I was lucky to find this one. Maybe all other friends that are not sure can use this nifty program also. Don't let it die out!
  3. Hello fellow MBAM users, I was looking for an answer for my "is this lifetime or subscription" question and this 1-year old thread seems to hold the answer among all the other similar threads which doesn't satisfy. Is this program still valid? I downloaded and ran it. This is what I got: --------------Account:-------------- Account Status: Premium Expiration Time: 2035/05/25 03:12:48 Activation Time: 2015/05/25 03:12:48 Trial Used: false Can I be sure that this is a lifetime license? If couple of others with lifetime and subscription licenses check their installation and post here maybe we can have a solid way of telling which is which. And one final question: this is only valid on 1-PC, right? (I will buy one more of these if it is indeed lifetime and 1-PC, need another for my laptop) Thanks for your time! Gokhan
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