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  1. Well I'd guess as well that Kaspersky must have changed something on their end

    Anyways I reinstalled malwarebytes and for this little exercise I also added exclusions for everything malwarebytes related I could find in the application control. I never did so in any of the previous version of kaspersky including 2.0.14 1085d so I admittedly I can't with absolute certainty rule out that I didn't forget an entry but I am confident I didn't. Anyways afterwards I added the suggested dword and restarted. As far as I can tell it didn't change anything.

  2. There isn't much more to it than just saving a file  with the extension of that file seemingly being irrelevant.

    I reproduced the crash saving random wallpapers from imgur as well as downloading random programs from www.heise.de  or computerbase.de . It usually takes less than 10 attempts to reproduce, sometimes even just once can be enough and it only happens when the download already started. The context window where I choose the location appears and the freeze happens the moment I hit the button to save. The window becomes unresponsive and a *.tmp file remains, it usually takes a moment for the stopped working dialogue to show up. If there is a second browser window with say a stream or a video it remains working for a while longer but eventually crashes as well. 

    Tried a couple things to solve the issue and deactivating exploit protection happened to be the first that worked.


  3. Hello,

    since yesterday chrome started crashing frequently when trying to save any type of file. First presumed chrome was having some problem here but it turned out that switching off the exploit protection fixed the issue.


    Anyone maybe experiencing similar issues and maybe found a better solution?

  4. Quite unfortunate. I guess the most glaring problem are occasional freezes on reboot - I open chrome, it doesn't load any page and gets unresponsive a few seconds later the whole system is stuck and I basically can only reset and that's just too annoying to deal with. Also there is I don't know how to describe it but some form of global system slowdown. It's not really obvious but everything behaves slightly sluggish - suddenly very slight delays pressing buttons and ui elements and everything just feels as if I wasn't using an 8700k but a really shitty laptop. Strangely it's only happening working on the desktop there wasn't any measurable impact in games or benches as far as I could tell but still that's just not working for me. It only started after the update and was gone once I uninstalled mbam it was fine again. I tried a clean install but it didn't change anything. 

  5. Quitting the program didn't do anything for me but slowed it down for a moment and I can't stop the service I guess I'll have to uninstall. It doesn't stop either I suppose it will just continue again till I run out of memory. Yes and web protection is off as well after the restart.

  6. Couple hours before my last post  - I figured I'd test out whether it would also happen when I restored my system from a week ago or something and well it did but something went wrong and I wasn't able to use office anymore at all and it was neither repair nor uninstall were working which kinda sucks when you really need access to your work.

  7. Well aside from me having now windows reinstalled after a sort of failed system restore trying to figure out what might have changed in between -  I am going to try although I am not sure if it'll work considering the last time I checked the change was already made when I just saw the desktop on restart.

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