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  1. Well I'd guess as well that Kaspersky must have changed something on their end Anyways I reinstalled malwarebytes and for this little exercise I also added exclusions for everything malwarebytes related I could find in the application control. I never did so in any of the previous version of kaspersky including 2.0.14 1085d so I admittedly I can't with absolute certainty rule out that I didn't forget an entry but I am confident I didn't. Anyways afterwards I added the suggested dword and restarted. As far as I can tell it didn't change anything.
  2. Has someone tested by chance if it behaves in a similar manner with the new mbam 4.0 beta?
  3. Still at work so I can't actually test much but I had sever problems with firefox, chrome, thunderbird 68 and other apps. Patch d was working perfectly fine. I had to remove kaspersky just to get the system working decently again.
  4. Well i guess it was just a hiccup since I can't reproduce it anymore either but here is the report and the file anyways. mwb.txt Intel-CSME-Detection-2019Q1.rar
  5. Hello there, malwarebytes blocks the execution of this intel tool https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28632/Intel-CSME-Detection-Tool?product=69368 via machine learning which I presume is a false positive.
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