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  1. I tried to update MB. It seemed to take quite a long time. Then I got the message Runtime Error 453, followed by something about not finding the DLL entry point. I haven't a clue what this means so can anyone enlighten me?Also tell me how to solve it - but in simple terms please! My OS is Vista, my AV is Avast and my browser is FF. Many thanks.
  2. Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were referring to the FF browser which I have. Now I have disabled Defender too. Thanks a lot.
  3. I don't know of any Firefox instructions. Where would I find them? And, yes, I do have AV installed - Avast - but I don't have MB Pro so don't need to disable Defender. Or do I?
  4. Twice I uninstalled and reinstalled MB and finally all seemed to be ok though I wasn't asked for my license number which surprised me. Today I saw your answer and have followed your instructions but whether anything has changed I don't know. I haven't had the error message again so I hope it's all right now. I didn't understand the bit of your reply regarding filters but I don't think I have any. If I do where are they? I couldn't add your exclusions to Windows Defender because for some reason the appropriate box is inactive though Defender is working. Thank you for your help.
  5. I'm having a real problem. I received an error message - MBAM_ERROR_MISSING_FILE (2.0 mbabmswissarmy.sys) - so I went online and found I should uninstall MB and reinstall it. I did this and on the flash scan it found a file called swissarmy and recommended that I delete it. I agreed. But I'm still getting the error message and there seem to be no files available for MB even though it is listed in the program files list. Can anyone help please? I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Vista, FF browser and use Avast AV. I am also a licensed MB user.
  6. I've scheduled a daily quick scan. I like the idea of scheduling a scan overnight or for the early morning but surely this wouldn't be possible when my pc is switched off? (Excuse my ignorance.) My pc is only switched on when I'm using it which means that the scan must be done then so if I'm in the middle of working I don't want to have to down tools, go for a walk, or hang around before I can finish what I'm doing. Nice idea but......
  7. I've set MWB to run a daily scan at a particular time. However, whilst it is doing the scan it generally prevents me from opening up other programs or documents by causing them not to respond, or else they are incredibly slow. This has only started recently since the latest update. I don't have any malware or trojans and my pc is clean. How can I solve this problem please?
  8. Oops. Seems I had a senior/senile moment! I checked on my version of MB and, yes, it is a paid for version. I don't remember doing that but since I'm the only one using this pc I must have. So that's why I can set a time for a daily scan. Strange that the free version doesn't allow this though. Mind you, the 'boss's' computer still needs looking at since some downloads don't seem to be working properly. I put on Google Chrome and that isn't working right either in that it won't import all his stuff from IE. Thanks again for the help.
  9. I finally phoned my local Jim'll Fix It man (also called Jim, hence the title).Firstly he says that he also has the free version of MegaBytes and he can't set a scheduled scan time, that my version must be a bought one. It isn't. when I explained further that there are also one or two other little niggles he seemed to think it was a software problem and is going to come and have a look. As for the MB logo. It isn't correct on the desktop but it is when I look in MB Properties. All scans revealed nothing untoward. I'll let you know what transpires but meanwhile I appreciate your help. Many thanks.
  10. couldn't leave it alone so am running a quick scan now. AdAware hasn't found anything though and the MB scan I did yesterday didn't come up with anything. But there's another funny thing: the MB desktop icon doesn't show the MB logo. What we do have looks like a white page on which is a small screen showing tiny icons. It's hard to be precise but although I've seen this icon somewhere before my mind associates it with something that's not properly downloaded. Am I right?
  11. I've had enough for today! I'll do it tomorrow and geet back to you. thanks
  12. Still got the same problem. So it does look as if there is Malware already on the computer. Anyone know how I find it and how I can remove it? I'd be grateful for help.
  13. Do I need to uninstall the version that is already on the computer first?
  14. Nope, didn't work. Sorry. I clicked on the link then clicked download free version (or words to that effect). This took me to the MB page and I did the download. What we got was exactly the same as previously - seemingly the paid version. We have not paid for anything and therefore can't register. Is there a problem with the MB webpage? I can't think of any reason other than that.
  15. Thank you for the link. It works on my pc but I haven't yet tried it on my husband's. The various downloads were from reputable websites such as CNet, Brothersoft and even MB itself but on none of them did I get the page that comes up via your link. I hope it will work for the 'boss' too! Thanks again.
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