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  1. I am not having problems, just installed MWB on 2nd Windows laptop.
  2. Can I protect all my devices (2 Windows laptops, 1Macbook, 1 Android phone) with my Premium Home subscription?
  3. I received a notice from FaceBook that my password was changed last night, (not by me) and in Ipconfig/all, two WiFi virtual adapters show up, which are not listed in my device manager list. The MS support responder wrote this: " It look s wrong honestly, you shouldn't have all those adapters listed there, try cleaning your PC running the free trial of Malwarebytes and see if that helps. If not you're gonna have to consider to reset your computer." So I wanted to know what you can do to resolve this issue...I think I was hacked, but am not familiar with Virtual Adapters and have nev
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