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  1. First of all, thank you very much for your quick and useful reply. I appreciate it very much. Second of all, is there any risk in the procedure of the malware removal? I have run the scan, and I have attached the two files you requested. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Iv'e noticed that my internet works better, and faster with NO PROXY. So I decided to change the settings to off. The results were satisfying. The day later, I noticed that my PROXY settings are back to normal. I tried several times to turn them off, but with every restart, they change back on. This is causing a lot of trouble. Sometimes my internet just stops working because of the PROXY settings are on. I suspect that there might be a virus, or a malware on my computer that is causing this problem. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance, Snail. note: I have attached to files, one that shows the PROXY settings when turned off, and the other showing the PROXY advanced options turned on.
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