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  1. I've created a simple PHP script for splitting text files at a given interval. I compiled it to an exe with bamcompile from http://www.bambalam.se/bamcompile/and virustotal showed it as "Trojan.Downloader" from malwarebytes as well as 5 other false positives. The exe I got out of my compiled script didn't try to contact any server or add anything malicious to the system. Here are the virustotal results: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/e91b8e882294213d859c6c23e1006bbd49a5999bfd3752da792268d57570343a/analysis/ . The file hashes of bamcompile from that web site are the same as the ones as on sourceforge. This has been a trusted PHP to exe compiler for years. Bamcompile itself only came up with 3 false positivies on virustotal. The .exe I created is what created the previously linked 6 including malwarebytes. I've zipped my compiled exe and attached it to this post. Thank you. FileSplitter.zip
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