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  1. We are also anxiously waiting a fix for this. Was surprised when I called in to support yesterday and they really didn't have any solid workaround. This is where we're at after a week??
  2. What's the best way to find the latest version of the MBMC so that we can upgrade our console and clients? We're currently running and
  3. In our case, there actually was not an issue. The console only shows a number of systems in the list per page, even though you have to scroll down to see all of the page. We didn't see that there was a turn page button at the top right of the screen. We assumed that because we had to scroll we were seeing all results. So in our case it was a user error on our part.
  4. I see clients under "All Clients" but not 100% of them. Some are missing.
  5. I frequently have clients that show up in their respective groups but when I click on "All Clients" to see everything they are missing. Is anyone else seeing this?
  6. I am also trying to find out what exclusions to make in my other AV solution so that it doesn't interfere with Malwarebytes.
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