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  1. If you would have checked you would have seen that CHMOD had already contacted me back on 2/22 via PM and hid the number then. They also politely explained the reason for hiding it at that time. So I'm really not even sure what you were trying to address as the post was already hidden.
  2. Here's what my original confirmation from MB says: Thank you for purchasing Malwarebytes Business Support. Your support phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Be sure to reference your order number when you call. Hours: Monday to Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time, excluding standard U.S. public holidays. How are we as customers supposed to know this is a private number? All other support vendors I have list the support number publicly on their website. Whether you get through to actual support is determined by having an active account number. The email says nothing about this. Maybe MB should do a better job of explaining how their support process differs from most other software vendors and try not threatening their customers.
  3. Did you really just threaten to revoke my premium support, then delete the message? MB clearly must not want us as a customer any longer. Here's the post I received via email, which when I click on is no longer there: djacobson said: Also be warned, if anyone shares their private premium support number in a public place again, we'll revoke that account's premium support. Rory, your cloud purchase has access to that support channel and the number will be in your original purchase confirmation. Whomever completed the purchase in your company will be who that email went to. I honestly did not know the support number was such a guarded secret. Aren't you asked to verify your account number when you call? If so, how would simply putting out the support number get anyone free support. I'm already considering leaving MB, this may have just made the decision for me.
  4. I just reached out to my rep about this and he said phone support with the cloud is no different than the on-prem version we have now.
  5. Does the cloud version really not have a live support phone line? We're still on the managed on-prem console and we can call in to support, but have been considering making the jump. This might be a deal breaker however.
  6. We're also seeing similar issues. MB appears to still be dealing with the remnants of the 1/27 outage.
  7. Is anyone else still having issues with some endpoints blocking websites? We're completely up to date, but some of my endpoints can't browse the net unless I completely disable MB on their systems.
  8. So cloud console users are affected by this too? We're still running the local console version.
  9. OK guys, two hours should have been plenty of time to mitigate this.
  10. It can't be turned on and off. I can disable it from starting with the client, but the client is already running on all 125 of my users systems. They would need to restart for the change to take place. What a mess. I can't stomach completely disabling the client.
  11. So I've disabled anti-exploit and we're still having problems..................... It's apparently the actual endpoint client.
  12. I think they have plenty to go on. Obviously a bad patch was pushed out. They just need to find it and negate it.
  13. We've disabled anti-exploit until they figure this out. Not good, but its crippling our work so we have no choice.
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