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  1. The only reason I thought this might be a problem, was that I started to get a 'freezing' of switching between programs, so if say I was on Outlook and tried to do something using my mouse, nothing would work. I would then try to switch to another program by clicking on my task bar and nothing worked. So I started by removing unwanted programs and especially those that start up automatically and then looked to virus/malware programs to see if this was having an effect - I though it work changing - using Windows 7, for the record. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your replies - I have added the extra 3 files to MSE, as per your list re x86 computer. I have discovered that even though I have a 64 bit computer, MSE lives in the 32 bit folder and the program file is at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\msseces.exe, which is the file I've addd to Malwarebytes - there are other exe files there and if any one knows if more should be added, please let me know, thank you. By the way, I notice on your image that you've added Carbonite, which is a program that I use - is it recommended to add this please? Again, thank you for your help, Russell
  3. Hi - I am running Malwarebytes premium and want to add exclusions for Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Firstly,am I right to do this is the section 'Malware Exclusions' - so when I go to add a file and as I am running a 64 bit computer, I then go to Program files (x86) and the only folder that looks like the folder I am looking for is named: Microsoft Security Client. Within this folder there are .dll type files and no .exe files. Also, just checking, I have already done the exclusions on MSE, although there are references to a file to eclude called mbamgui.exe, but this does not exist on my computer? Is this ok and is there another file that I should exclude within MSE. Files already excluded in MSE are mbamservice.exe and mbam.exe. Please help, thank you.
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