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  1. Argus - I have run this and it has removed everything including old Hijackthis that I had from a separate issue a long time ago. Log is attached. The MBAM is running and no issues with RTP getting shut down so far so I think I am good. Thanks again for your help!!
  2. OK - reinstalled MBAM, dropped Asast! as it was melting down and coming up with huge #s of files that it prevented from loading in hardened mode. I also dropped IOBit defrag based on the other info I read about them ripping off MB IP (I had no idea). All good so far....but was there anything else in the logs that I need to be concerned about? Free AV SW that works well with MBAM....is Bitdefender a good option? Thanks!!
  3. Hi, I ran the file and system rebooted - but still have the same condition where MBAM started up but RTP is disabled? The Fixlog.txt file is attached for review but the original file I downloaded is no longer in the directory with other files? Not sure if it was autodeleted or not? Thanks! Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi, I am landing here as my system may be infected. My thread/topic is here. All 3 logs are attached here as well. I have stopped uTorrent and also want to uninstall all IOBit defrag SW now that I see the posts on IP infringement. I am just not sure if I should try to do this via Control Panel or whether there may be lingering bits of IOBit remaining after a standard CP removal? Thanks! FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  5. MBAM Team - I was totally unaware of the IOBit issue and will remove this SW ASAP. I have it as startup defrag and HDD defrag only (I do not use their other tools) but will wait to see how I can remove this in the other thread that I will start with the malware removal team. Thanks again!
  6. I have attached all 3 logs. I needed to turn Avast off during FRST scan (midway) so hopefully no impact to the log? Let me know if these are OK....and what might be lurking...! Thanks!! FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  7. Me again. The same problem seems to have come back. I have a red bang on the MB system tray icon and when I open it up I see the same RTP off error. When I click 'Fix Errors' it does nothing? Seems to be the exact same problem. Should I repeat the steps I performed previously? Thanks
  8. Excellent. I've added the exclusions per your summary above. Thanks again for your help....!!
  9. OK - after much thrashing (likely due to my ancient HW, old OS) the removal and reinstall went well....one or two hangs on the way back but now I see MBAM startup as it normally did...no warnings....all good. I am running Avast! Free as well but not sure that I really need to set anything in Avast! to allow MBAM to run w/o issue? The firewall is Windows so that is not a conflict either. A HW and OS upgrade is in my future so maybe some this upgrade angst will disappear after that? Thanks for your help - looks to be solved!! :D
  10. Thanks - will do this now. I looked over the removal link and do have a concern about : my license - I have had it for some time now and am sure I do not know the info to re-load. Ah....strike that - I see the Cleverbridge link now and retrieved my ID and Key info using email...all good....
  11. Hi, I recently upgraded to from my prior Premium version. I have noticed at Windows XP startup that MBAM does not start up automatically anymore? I ran msconfig and see MBAE checked off but I do not see MBAM anywhere? Several boxes are unchecked but none that look to have anything to do with MBAM? When I start MBAM manually it starts up and then I get a red bang in the system tray icon starting that reat time protection is disabled? When I right click on the MBAM icon in the systray I noticed that none of the Malware Protection, Malicious Website Protection or Start With Windows were checked off? I clicked them and rebooted thinking the settings would update startup but did not? Any thoughts on why this is happening and how I can fix it? Thanks!!
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