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  1. It's also worth noting that, I do force stop the items for them to later start working on their own....
  2. I heard about the rooting process before, but had no idea how to do this. For these three features that I have, what would be the process to try and get rid of them?
  3. Hey guys, I was told to send you a message on these forums via twitter. So I purchased a tablet off of a gadget website a while back and while it took almost a month to arrive. Not a big deal since it's mainly for school starting in September this year. The hardware is pretty good I've tested out many of the "popular" apps that people like to install on their tablets and they work just fine. However I noticed early on that weird things where transpiring, such has things wanted to update on their own, random apps would download like some banking app... Yeah not the best, I knew things where really bad when I would be on the "desktop" in an idle state and an add would pop up out of no where. Normally it would be for one of the Google play games that are out on the market right now, but that shouldn't be going on. I ran a number of different scans before using this product and a lot of the advice I was finding online was to do a factory reinstall. Since there is nothing of value or personal data on the device I attempted this action. Sadly this didn't accomplish anything. I tried this a few times as in attempting to disable the trojan paths before the factory install. It would appear that either someone put these Trojans on here before I got the product on purpose or that they are intertwined into the android stuffing... I clearly know what i'm talking about.. First Android device.. I will attach 3 pictues. One is the Trojan names and where they are located, second is attempting to delete them with no success, and third is the modle and android version. I want to get rid of these things and start using this device just as a user would want to. If this requires the loss of current data on the device I don't care in the least. Let me know how to fix this issue and thanks in advance. Cheers, MAJOR P
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